Who is currently subscribed to ESO?



Once I get back in I will check who has been missing and for how long. Maybe we can clean up the roster and go from there.

I’m interested in what plans people have for the game and whether anyone in particular is wanting to step up to be guild master. That will require: leadership, recruitment efforts, attending meetings, and other things that @tommy2118 had posted about --but which I can’t link to as I’m on my phone.-- which I can totally link to thanks to the power of Moderationating :wink:


I’m subscribed, I’m just scared to play in a faction that eats people.


Depending on how many come in I’ll come back after the January patch.


Been subscribed since launch. Will be for some time to come. I said before I couldn’t take GM because I have too much in my own guild bank. While that is still true, If it comes down to it and nobody else can take GM, i’m willing to consolidate banks and hold it. That said by all means i’d much rather become an officer, if you want me to be.

Side note : We need another guy like @kompulsive


currently subscribed.
keeping it casual until after the Holidays/Big patch drop.
Then I plan to get a bit more serious with it.


RIP @kompulsive, never forget.

Also, game is downloading and installing as we speak.

EDIT: It’s ridiculous how slow this is transferring. 2MB/s? Come on Zenimax.


yeah, the download is pretty weak.


I tried. I think the graphics just killed me. I prefer stylized stuff over hyper realistic for stuff that is MMO ish. It sounds awesome, I look forward to seeing some of the video.


I’m the opposite. I can’t do the cartoony Warcraft and Wildstar style.


You guys have me convinced to at least try it out for a bit


I can’t not say it. . . .

Welcome to the Darkside brother!


I can handle either one, as long as that style fits the game it’s attached to. And you just can’t have an Elder Scrolls game be overly stylized and overly vibrant. That’s just not right for Elder Scrolls, so the graphics fit in my opinion, and I’ve still seen many beautiful landscapes in the game, so the scenery doesn’t suffer.


Hahaha touchè. I’m gonna have to wait till it comes to console though


This is important. The art style needs to fit the theme and tone of the game. Warcraft wouldn’t work with realistic graphics, same as Elder Scrolls wouldn’t fit with the stylized and cartoony look.

The art style isn’t important to me, it’s how the game is presented as a whole. I’m just as comfortable playing Doom, Quake, Bioshock, Team Fortress 2 or Borderlands.


I don’t know. When I watch the cinematic trailers that Blizzard puts out I’m like “holy shit that looks so bad ass and awesome!” Then I remember what the actual game looks like.


That is a good point.


Update on me, I got ESO installed and loaded. Re subscribed. When I get home tonight I’ll sign in and check things out. Unfortunately, my wife’s holiday party is tonight so i won’t have time to play. However, tomorrow and this weekend she’s out of town so it’s game binge time.


I’m subscribed right now but I can’t play right now because my monitor just broke so I am in the process of getting a replacement, speaking of which @Masivemurder could you go into the main PvP 30 day server for me and ask if any Rangers are online right now (they are usually on from like 6pm to 4am est)? If they are can you tell them that Draco’s or @erebaindrothan’s monitor is broken and I can’t play for a probably a week or so. I’m one of the officers and I can’t get on the teamspeak cause I can’t use my computer without a monitor. Thank you!


Damnit why did my monitor have to break :’(