Who plays Civilization V and/or will be trying out Civilization VI?



Hey everyone! I have been following CIV VI very closely. I am a big fan of the series (I personally started with CIV III) and am looking forward to the next iteration. I am just curious who out there in the Strats world is a CIV fan and what you all think of the upcoming release! Additionally, I have never had a multiplayer game go to the end and would be interested in a more controlled match sometime!



I am a huge fan of the series. I think we should do a friendly tournament like we’re doing for rocket league.


I’m a big fan too. I’ve played CIV V for 380 hours but also hardly any multiplayer. My “problem” with multiplayer is that i like to play on marathon speed and most multiplayer games are on faster game speeds for reasons i understand but thats just not how i like the game most.


I bought the pre-order already. Can’t wait for it :smiley:

Have been playing since CIV 3


Love the series, but I’m not sure I’m keen to pay money for the new one…

Doesn’t seem like they made any changes to actually improve the game. Just changes for the sake of changes. Then again, this is based on information from a while back, so there might be some cool new features I’m unaware of.


Thanks for all the feedback so far guys! I think a tournament would be a great idea! @Calibian I completely agree about playing on marathon. It makes the game smoother and more “realistic” in my opinion. @Kellock93 I hate preordering but CIV is one of the few exceptions I make. People will whine but I have never been disappointed with a Sid Meiers release and I believe that will hold true with 6. @Bradum when they first relased information about the new game it did seem a little unimpressive, but I think the recent let’s play videos Sid Meier’s and Ed Beach have produced really emphasive some significantly different features. Unstacking the cities is a significant alteration to the normal playstyle and the new just-war system will change the way you deal with your neighbors. Though I’m a little disappointed with there being so many “boosts” to tech and civics. I am afraid that those boosts will dictate a single, efficient, path through those trees rather than them being dictated by your playstyle and surrounding resources/neighbors. TLDR Thank you for the feedback provided and keep the responses coming!


I’ve been playing since Civ 1. I’m old I know. I’m definitely getting the new one.


‘Civilization VI’ Hands On: Making Each Turn Count
(Tom’s Hardware)


I’m trying to get into the game at least haha. It hasn’t grabbed me yet though. But last time I played was a good while ago 2+ years I think.


I saw some streams yesterday, seems like they are completly revamping the game. Looks pretty good so far:)


I still can’t get over the fact that workers are one-use units… For me, that doesn’t really make sense, and it kills an awesome mechanic of the game.

That kind of thing is what I mean when I say they’re making changes for the sake of making changes…


The number of youtube and twitch broadcasts have helped my day at work fly by! I recommend the yogscast ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDcfppKeDmE ) or quill18 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xJrQCAk9ZE ).

Honestly I love the change in mechanic for workers/builders. I think the new mechanic forces you to be more strategic about what improvements you make and when you make them. This works well with the new design of cities and districts. I was put off at first, but I think they have made it work well with the game’s new mechanics. Ultimately there is a lot more emphasis on city planning, development timing, and adapting to your environment (beyond simply what resources you have nearby).

Also, from both yogscast and a second quill 18 stream, the Vikings look like A LOT of fun in the early game chaos. Those longships are unstoppable.


But why does doing something “use” a unit? You could accomplish the same thing before… Your workers were limited by time, so you still had to plan and budget their time if you wanted to optimize your improvements… If you wanted more built, you needed to make more workers.

All they’ve seemed to have done is make it so I have to constantly micro-manage the production and actions of every single worker, not just control them when I want something specific done.


Well you already had to micromanage them at times in CIV 5 (especially early on), because automate was not always the “best” tile improvement/they wouldn’t improve the resource you wanted first. I’ll admit that builders force you to do a bit more clicking to access the resources, but I think it plays well with the other changes they have made to the game. You will not want to just “improve” every tile with the addition of districts and adjacency bonuses (depending upon which civ you are playing as). Also the fact that trade routes now build roads takes away one of the big needs for workers.

We will see how it plays out in a couple of weeks, but I am excited for a change of pace from CIV 5. It’s a great game, but I welcome an updated/alternate approach!