Who wants to come help me set this up?


Seriously though, lost in the sauce…


I need one of those mic arms… one day… I’m buying a DXRacer chair when I get home though.


Gotta have that Racer!!


I have one of the King-series DXRacer’s, hands down worth every penny, I prefer sitting on it over a couch, so comfy!


What do you need help with? That’s very close to my set up. It should be relatively plug and play. Let me know if I can answer any questions.


I’m officially - just a bit - no a lot jealous!

DxRacer had the purple + white chairs for Twitch Con. I fell in love at first sight.


I tried… borrowing… one… it didn’t work.


Thank you much, it was plug and play. I mainly need to read up on how mics work. I want my levels to be just right if I start to broadcast.


One thing to keep in mind is the pattern. You want to speak into it at 0°




Oh yes! I Those purple ones do look super awesome! At one point in time they used to have them with the Twitch.TV logo on them, not sure if they do any more or not.


This is what the Twitch Con DxRacer looked like!

And it wasn’t just this chair.

I mean, Twitch was literally trying to take my coins the WHOLE time. All the purple merch. ;-;

I had grabby hands the whole time! Haha.


They make a “console” chair that’s low to the ground too.


Oh my, that is one nice looking chair! Something tells me I would have had to hide our moniez from @Laoria around all of that purple merch, purple is one of her favorite colors too!


And thread successfully hijacked :smile_cat:


Sorry… :S Totally didn’t mean to do that to you. :frowning:


Just messin


I know! I didn’t think you were too angry.I should have used more emoticons to express myself better! :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: :blush:


:beard: :bear: :beard: :bear: :beard: :bear: :beard: :bear: :beard: :bear: :beard: :bear: :beard: :bear:


Muahahaha my DXRacer took over… :beard: