Who want's to duel?



I’d like to get a regular duel night going once a week or something.

The last one was a lot of fun even though there weren’t many of us there.

The goal would be to get lots of us together so that there are people may varying builds, levels, and gear so that we can try to match up those who are at least somewhat equally kitted up.

Anyone who is interested, please let me know in this thread, and let me know what day of the week / time would work for you.



I’m sure I can take any of you on. I just hit level 10 and got the PvP notification… that means I’ll dominate the battleground right?


Hell yeah man.
lvl10 means it’s time to tear it up


This might be a good way for me to get back into ESO. I’ll keep my eye out for the day and time.




Well no one has suggested a time so I think I will shoot for Thursday night around 7pm (central)


I got my office set up finally so let me know when you are all online.

Also, I think I may still be in the original strats guild


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