Who wants to get some PVP going?



While we’re still quite a ways off from getting some Warplots going (man I want to try it out) we do have a pretty healthy stack of lvl 50’s running around and I’m curious if there’s any interest in getting a regular PVP event going? Because of the bracket system in place for the Battlegrounds, which seems like a good place for people to get their feet wet, I can only take lvl 50’s with me personally. Depending on interest, I’m all about doing some of the other formats as well, but I think Battlegrounds is a nice middle-ground to start us off with. My specific questions are:

  1. Would you lot like to see an organized PVP night?
  2. If so, how often would you like to have one (1/week, every other week, etc.)?


I’m game for an organized PvP Night. Could use some PvP coins to get my PvP Gadget. As for now, i think one night a week would work best for me. Still have alot of stuff to do to get myself ready for RAIDS!!! Will need some help with the PvP stuff and builds cause i’ve yet to do any.