Who's added the entire Destiny PSN name list?

Please let me know who has all of these people added

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I’ve got everyone accept for today’s new posts. I’ll get them added shortly :wink:

Edit: To clarify, I got everyone up until I stopped updating the OP last night.

I figured. I think everyone is added to the list. I wanted to know if anyone has everyone added on PSN, because it kept glitching last night and I had to stop.

Edit: Thank you so much for your help, it’s a lot of people to add when I get behind.

This is what I’m referring to. I sent requests to the entire list up until I went to bed and stopped updating the OP :wink:

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I’ve sent everyone requests, just waiting to be accepted

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I’ve sent requests to the whole list and I am still waiting on 25 to accept.

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ive sent to the entire list as well.

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Same kind of thing I added everyone just waiting on a few to accept.

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Prefect. This will hopefully make it easier for people who haven’t added anyone yet.

I have everyone added to my PS4 friends list from the Destiny list (88 names in total). There are 24 20 members that have not accepted my request.

If you are new send me a friend request, then just send friend requests to everyone on my friends list. This should save you a bunch of typing.

There is so many ppl. I guess I’ll add them all tonight.

Edit: I added everyone!

Just added everybody that’s on the list.