Whos getting the Handsome collection?



The Handsome collection comes out Tuesday and i am wondering if we will have enough of us getting this to plan a night around it. With the decline of DAMP fridays and this release can we play this friday nights? I plan on streaming this alot and doing so with friends would make the game alot better :slight_smile:

So please sound off if you are getting it and we can plan something!!

Gearbox Battleborn: Fantasy Sci Fi Shooter

Help me out here @droul. I know little about this title. Why should I get it? How is the multiplayer setup? Make me fall in love. :wink:


I can not say for the pre sequal but I did play borderlands 2. It is a super fun game if you play with friends. You can play with I believe up to 4 people. There is 6 classes if I remember correctly. There is a huge amount of guns you can get and way more to do than Destiny has as far as quests. The game was so much fun playing with buddies I wish I didn’t sell my ps3 right away and go ps4 only because I never finished this game. I will be getting the handsome jack collection next week and looking to group up and destroy things again.


Spredhed is right, @tommy2118. Think Destiny only you get loot every time you pretty much kill an enemy. It’s REALLY funny and it has giant ass bosses. There’s even “raid” bosses where you kill really tough enemies that require a bunch of team work. I am so on the fence about buying this, it’s a ton of fun.


its a must buy for loot hunters. and the story line is good as well. plus being able to shoot a bandits head off is pretty damn fun. :smiley:


I’ll be getting it to play multiplayer with Spred, at the very least. I’m hoping we play it enough to make it worthwhile. I played it on PC about halfway through before I got tired of soloing.


If I have any money left at the end of my vacation I’ll be getting it.


I have it preordered and will be streaming it wed. 9am-2pm EST. I’m so pumped! :smiley:


I may get it. I would definitely get it if the internet where i am was more reliable, because I loved playing the first one with friends for sure. I’ts a fantastic multiplayer game.


@tommy2118 I would describe the Borderlands series as more of a Diablo-shooter. The point of the game is to collect guns. More guns, bigger guns, and different colored guns (similar tier colors as other games: white, green, blue, etc). There are various pistols, SMGs, rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades. These weapons even have varying damage types, such as burning people. The Pre-Sequel introduces some new types like lasers and freezing weapons. TPS also takes place on the moon so you get some low-gravity fun.

There are six classes in both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel and each class has three skill trees. Your first skill, regardless of which tree you pick, is an Action Ability that is unique to each class. These skills generally have a cooldown of 60 seconds or so. You will use them often.

I feel the classes in each game are quite unique, but you will notice similarities in characters between BL2 and TPS. I don’t feel that’s a bad thing, though.

The storylines are filled with humor. I don’t know of many games that I truly find funny like these. I’ll give you this video to watch for a taste. This was a trailer to introduce a DLC character for Borderlands 2, the Psycho. You fight a lot of these guys during the game but they also made him playable:

For the price you really can’t beat the amount of content you’re getting with The Handsome Collection. Two full games plus all DLC for those games. To buy that on Steam right now is much more than the price of this box.

But I’ll be playing on PC because the game looks awesome with PhysX.


Nice write up @teh_ninjaneer. One question. Should I start with TPS or B2?


If you want to enjoy the story then you need to play BL2 first. It’s kinda like Star Wars in that regard. It just won’t all make sense if you play The Pre-Sequel first.

Handsome Jack is the villain in BL2 and TPS is the story explaining what made him that villain.


@droul yea buddy!! Got the ok from @ragergirl69


@teh_ninjaneer awesome preview man thank you! I was at a loss as i havent played any borderlands so its gonna be great to do it the first time. @holyrager aaaaaaaw man…were gonna blow some stuff up!!


For those planning to multiplayer this title, I highly recommend one of you takes the siren; sirens are OP, especially in groups :wink:


I believe that you can play with up to 4 people in co op. Killing things is so much more fun with a group :smile:


To expand on this, @tommy2118, it’s drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, so whatever character you’re playing can play with anyone else by either them joining your game or you joining their game at any point; it supports up to 4 players at a time with difficulty scaling based on the number of players in the game and who is the “owner” of the game :wink:


For Borderlands 2, the siren is definitely the group-oriented character. Having one in your party spec’d for massive group healing helps a lot.

The Pre-Sequel did a better job of this in my opinion by giving each class one group-oriented skill tree. Having someone around for group support isn’t the responsibility of a single class.


thank you @auth :blush:


Plus there’s nothing like taking the biggest dude out of the fight almost-immediately with the Nami-like bubble of CC :wink: