Who's playing which character how?



Seriously, let’s see some build threads go up; this game has massive potential for a variety of skill and gear builds on each character and I want to see them all! Bonus: if you post, people can help you theory-craft yourself into the penultimate badass and might even be able to help you round out all the pimp swag you need to be the very best (like no one ever was). As you Strategists start posting them, maybe we’ll get a catalog/index going for the different peeps so we can all experience one another’s awesomeness on subsequent playthroughs or alts.




Not currently playing, but I’m partial to Gaige the Anarchist. Aiming is for sissies. Bouncing bullets are what the cool kids are doing.

Grab that SMG and unload the clip.

You have no idea how strong she is with high Anarchy stacks.


I can pretty much play whatever to help round out a group :smiley:


I ran Axton on PC oh so long ago, and I’m running Axton again on PS4 for BL2. I really dig the turret and health/shield regen. Really a very soloable character. My level 11 build currently has the auto turret (duh), Preparation x5 (15% extra shield capacity, regen 2% health per second when shield is full), and 1 point in Pressure (14% less reload speed and 12% less shield recharge delay). Short term goal is to get the overshield on my turret, then Gemini (two overshielded turrets), then Scorched Earth (rocket pods on two overshielded turrets). Basically I want to live with shield and health that won’t quit, while my turrets do the heavy lifting. Also, I plan on being loosey goosey with my keys for added awesomeness.


I’m rolling Gaige. Mostly for the outfits. My plan is to build the mech up. Wasn’t planning on anarchy build but maybe down the line I will test it out. Seems more like a raid build to me


I am playing Salvador the machine gun guy, dont know anything about builds, i have looked at them and spent some points i think in more health and more ammo capacity.


I’m playing Maya cause you know that res ability is OP. I’m going for support, which means healing and ups.