Who's setting an alarm for tomorrow morning? #albionalpha



Server up at 6AM Eastern tomorrow. Who is planning on being there?


I’m gonna be there for sure. Just finished picking up my snacking food/drinks for the day as well lol


Hah, awesome. Unfortunately I have some meetings I can’t miss tomorrow.


I am going to buy the $50 key sooooo waiting until Tuesday…haven’t decided if I will be taking the day off…servers have always crashed for other games…how have the other alphas been?


2 official alpha’s with a bunch of smaller NDA tests. Servers are generally stable by day 2, however day 1 sometimes has issues. (1st alpha there was connection issues, 2nd alpha people didn’t get their founder rewards)


I have work…, but it works on my tablet… don’t tell anyone ok?


lol, last alpha my boss was chill enough to let me play during slow days (helps that he also plays :P)


I’m work from home. What should I work on collecting for the guild?


Pinging @DrizztDo_Urden69 or @Wayward on that.


I’ll be on a little bit after I work tonight and won’t be off till about 7 or 8 am EST. As for what to collect for the guild don’t worry about that the first day, try and save up some silver and that’s about it other then that do what you need to do for yourself till I can get in and get the guild up and see what we need for the guild island. So really that first day just farm just about everything and try to get some silver. Nothing specific right now.


I take a free day :blush:…so i will be online tomorrow


Is the iPad version not available for the Alpha?


Answered my own question.


the apple version isn’t available because of how the app store does testing, they would only be able to let a specific number of people in and they would have to invite them individually


Yep. For Android all they need to do is provide the .apk and people can install it without using an app store.


Ill be on after 5 p.m. Eastern Standard time Monday after work. Its only an alpha no reason to take time off or loose sleep over a testing phase :stuck_out_tongue:


This is kind of frustrating, because I have an Android phone with a 6" screen. I assume they won’t let me play on that?


it will just not very well lol


The hype is real!!! The client is available now, i’m downloading it right meow :scream_cat:


I’ve got my alarm set for 6am PST! I took a vacation day from work to experience the fun and excitement! :sunglasses: I admit I really love launching days. Even when there are problems there is a festive feel to it, as opposed to more grindy work a day ordinary MMORPG days.