Why are there zero good city building games right now?

I don’t get it. If I want to play a good city builder I have to go way back into my gaming library archives to find something. Sim City (the new one) is barely interesting. The old games that were oddly complex like The Guild 2, Sim City 4, etc. are so good.

I wish there was something cool to play in the genre right now but it doesn’t seem like anything is even on the horizon.

They don’t sell well. They have all tanked compared to the expectations. They promise city building but its more like super unwanted micro management unheard of creative building.

I actually want micro management.

I am talking about the useless micro like unloading grain manually etc. I just find they lack in the imagination department when they come up with useless tasks. If you want a strategy game with the perfect amount of micro try europa universallis iv. its a nation builder and my favorite game of all time :smiley:


Cities Skylines is coming.


Think SimCity 4 but on digital steroids, looks very promising so far.

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from the same company that made europa :smiley: