Why do RPGs bore me lately?! :/


I used to love RPGs. They have been my bread & butter since the Apple IIe.

That is no longer the case. I played Dark Souls II for a few days and was bored to death. I can only play the Witcher 3 in very short amounts before feeling like I could be doing anything else and it would be better.

I partly at least blame it on the games getting more “open world” like. Sure, it may be great to have more options, but really?! I’m supposed to be the hero. I’m supposed to stop the evil villains. But wait, this guy needs me to rescue his puppy. I’ll do it since you never know, this puppy may show up at the final boss battle and distract it by piddling under its feet so I can win!

Herbs you say, oh let me go collect them for you.
There’s a bounty for this Chimera, get out of here! You know I’m on it! I’m sure the evil villain(s) who plan to destroy the world as we know it will wait until I go find the bait and deal with this nuisance first so I can build xp and collect some coins.

Do the main storyline first you say and then do the sidequests after. Umm sure……I’ll be the former hero who saved the world and now collects Druffalo* dung for the local farmers because yeah! Or I can go rescue someone’s balloons that floated away. That’s what I’m all about….because I’m not a real hero until I get Platinum.

Maybe there are some newer good ones out there or someone can convince me this “open world” thing is good for RPGs.

*Why the f##k don’t they just call it Buffalo?
Last I knew the NWF wasn’t prosecuting anyone for using real animal names. They should prosecute those who can’t think of unique animals/names but think changing a letter makes it feel more fantasy-like.

Bard's Tale 4 on Kickstarter

I usually attribute it to getting older.

I used to be able to sit in front of my computer and grind away on an MMORPG for ridiculous amounts of time. Like until the sun came up. Then I’d go get breakfast and join another raid or FC a euro time zone fleet.

I just can’t do that anymore because real life.


wait til you have that kid!


Well, the 4 months of paternity leave will help.


i hate you. i got 2 weeks. but yes…it will help. enjoy it while you can.


I’ve seen than in mmos for sure, but not cRPGs til lately, maybe it just took 40 years for me to fully grow up lol.


A lack of time is one factor for me. I think I just enjoy the large party-based games like the old Final Fantasy, Might & Magic, Wizardry, and even the gold box D&D games.

I actually prefer games where there is not one central hero. I liked it better when you rolled up all of your characters at the beginning and set out into the world.

Maybe I should look into games like Legend of Grimrock. Darkest Dungeon just had an update with 2 new classes as well.


I have been having similar feelings too. I love the grind but I feel like I want content with more depth. Unfortunately with mmo’s it’s hard to have good, deep story lines I think. Maybe I’m wrong? I’m hoping these feelings are short lived, especially with game changers like Albion and Crowfall on the way.


Yea I saw that Darkest just updated, will have to check out.

Anyone know how Pillars of Eternity is? Focused or full of irrelevant sidequests? Looks somewhat long to me but if its focused enough I might try out.


I’m hoping the same. A big part of sticking with MMOs is having a good community to play with so if we create that in Albion, it should be. Hopefully you won’t have to grind too much to keep up with Joneses though.


I definitely think the community is a huge part of it. I love ESO but a lot of the times it is just a few of us on there, and with newer games like Heroes of the Storm being released tomorrow, it’s just difficult to keep up interest in a year-old game. If we can keep up the interest in Albion, which users like Wayward and Drizzt are spear heading pretty hard, I think it could be a huge success.


I have very high hopes for Albion. Granted, I’ve said that before.

I believe the ability to interact while mobile and bringing down the barrier to sitting at the computer for a long time will allow a lot more people to be involved for longer.


Yes this and as @W1thl0v3 mentions, with @DrizztDo_Urden69 and @Wayward leading the way, I feel more hopeful than usual about new MMOs.


And this is where I debate with people are anti-prerelease because I tend to play a game more when I’m invested in it: such as buying a founder’s pack for Albion. Might give more incentive to keep the hype up? I am always curious as to what makes players lose interest in a game.


@ghosthog, Another factor that I think makes Albion “unique” is really the lack of quests in general. I say “unique” with a bit of sarcasm because this isn’t anything new really, rather it’s a throw back to the old way of MMOs with a modern twist.

This game fully embraces the idea of an open world by being free form, instead of creating an open and living world and then forcing it into the confines of your story.

That’s what I’m looking forward to about Albion Online, is watching players form the world and create obstacles for each other rather than following the script.


People (me) lose interest in mmos when:

  1. There is no social aspect (hubs, cities, Guild keeps, offline
  2. No balance between solo/group content Overly or under focused
    crafting system with meaningful impact
  3. Pay2Win
  4. Little to no involvement between devs and players. (a good example
    of devs communicating with the player is marvel heroes for example
    a bad one would be the korean ported mmos where the devs have no
    control over released content but rather simple code/refurbish it
    for a USA/EU release.)
  5. Unbalanced gameplay favoring one class/aspect of the game over the
    other. No balance between grind and casual gameplay.

Finally buying a founders pack is like marrying a woman because you think commitment will make you love her. Its all about the woman not the institution. A bad game is a bad game no amount of e-peen from a founders title/perks/commitment makes it better.



Have you tried dressing like and talking like your character 24/7 , to the point some people might think it strange?


I thought everyone did that. You mean you guys aren’t dressing as your characters?


I am in the same boat @ghosthog. I have The Witcher on both PC and PS4 and havent played more than 15 minutes on the PC and havent touched the PS4. same for Far Cry 4, played 20 minutes and havent played it since. I do think age is a factor as our interests change and our attention span bites the dust. I did play DA:I for a while but same ole same ole and i havent picked it up in a while either. I wish i knew what the solution is as i would like to sit and enjoy these titles but it just isnt happening.