Why does The Crew suck?


Continuing the discussion from Nominations Thread:

I was thinking about checking out The Crew. I used to enjoy Need for Speed and Gran Turismo. Is it terrible?


GameSpot is my go-to site, so I’ll just quick link this for now.

I think it has some stupid things like always online, and the typical Ubisoft formula for mechanics… I think they were saying that there were super long races for no reason (compound that with always online req. is a bit iffy…)

Ubisoft was also being really stupid about how the review process goes for The Crew (even after the embargo aftermath of AC:U!) where they didnt turn on the servers until it was in player’s hands.

I kind of just blurted this stuff out, but hopefully it was coherent…


Interesting, thanks for the info!


obviously you should look in more places than one, but i’ll leave that up to you, or people who actually played the game…


When I played the beta the controls were terrible. I figured it was just because I was in a starter car but it just felt very ugly. It’s hard to explain