Why I think Hillary should be in jail right now


I’m not trying to get political here or even talk about who to vote for, and I honestly don’t want to even talk about dem vs repub, lib vs conservative, because I would be saying this about anyone no matter what side they are on. Lets just talk about how Hilary should be in effing jail (or not based on your opinion)…because to me, this is worse than Snowden and I consider this treason:

So they found more emails that were secret, and even more that were considered confidential…but yet she walks free on the campaign trail? Why has she not been arrested? I for one know that if I decided to receive/send all my Intel confidential emails on a private server I wouldn’t just be fired, I would probably be prosecuted. This is even worse than my example. In my case it’s just a company’s secrets, but in her case its America’s secrets. I even read that some of her emails were so confidential that people would get killed if they ever got leaked. I am just beyond shocked at this point, and also not shocked that it almost seems like nothing is being done. I honestly hope that she gets prosecuted and then jailed. I’m starting to lose faith in our country, so I will not be shocked if we see her stay free and keep running. I won’t even bring up the fact that she won 6 out of 6 coin tosses in Iowa…this is just all too fishy man.

What do you think? Do you think it is treason? Do you think she should be in jail?


Without getting too deep in to it, she should absolutely be in jail. But the Clinton machine is too big, too powerful, and too corrupt that she will probably never see the inside of a jail cell. It’s ridiculous.


The double sad part to me is that some intern is likely going to get rail-roaded for this…

It isn’t even about if SHE will get jail time for it, because she won’t some random person might get jail time for it though.


It’s insane. She has so much unsecured, top secret information. Just like everyone said, anyone else would go to jail. She will lie, cheat, and steal to get into office because that is how she lives her life. She wants nothing more them to be in power and further the agenda of her constituents. They are willing to shove money down her throat to get her name out in the front.

I think it speaks volumes about her that Bernie Sanders supporters will not vote for her if he losses. It’s because people are tired of scandals and lies.


The Clintons have been liars forever now. I think Hillary was involved in Watergate as well, I don’t remember what it was. I should read up on it as I read something a while ago about it. Basically she and Bill have just been lying through there teeth about anything and everything they can. When it comes to Hillary and these emails…to me it’s very very clear that she lied about everything involving Benghazi. I don’t know how a person can sleep at night knowing they were directly responsible for multiple lives…


By simply not caring at all.

By believing that they have all the answers and know what is best for millions of other people.

By believing in a “Greater Good” that somehow doesn’t involve their suffering.

Hopefully this election will spark a change in the US.


Benghazi is a non scandal and has been beaten to death. Even the Republican led house intelligence committee found no wrong doing. Sometimes shit happens to good people. Never mind that the same thing happened 13 times during the Bush administration and not one person gave two shits about it.


No wrong doing? They flat out made up a lie trying to take the blame off of them. Which brings us back to hillary lying through her teeth.


Benghazi aside Hillary is still lying to the American people and congress about these emails. I really want to believe the FBI hasn’t done anything yet because they are trying to put a case together that no one can throw out. If there is any flaw the Clinton’s or the Obama administration will find it and tear the case apart from there. It is sad to know we have to literally make a bullet proof case against someone, even her, who clearly committed a crime.

I would however like to see the FBI wait until she is at a debate or gets the nomination to be arrested. That would make for some very interesting news.


I honestly don’t. I think people around the world would think America looks like a joke. We get enough bad PR.


Word on the street is she gets nominated the Biden swoops in. Lol she will get the nomination at the rate of corruption that is going on. I’m not a Democrat but if I was I would be in a fucking uproar about what is going on. Both establishments from both parties need to go away.


I thought the same thing about me at Facebook. I’m not sure why the American public isn’t more upset about this. Certainly Clinton is doing everything she can to downplay it and call it an accident. Interesting how she’s a strong, powerful, independent, and intelligent woman making huge strides to overcome inequality and sexism…

…until this is brought up and it’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “Oopsy! Oh, I don’t know anything about email. I just use my phone. Hehe!”


I think it boils down to the mentality of the poor vs the rich, look at the case of the affluenza teen. Murders 3 to 4 people and gets probation. The message is clear, if you have money you don’t get consequences.

If the American public did care more, nothing would come of it. The trial would happen, they would be found guilty or something and would be put on 2 years probation. Why care about a situation at all when you know that nothing matters because they can throw money at it and win?


It doesn’t matter that it’s an accident though. If she’s found to be negligent, which seems like the clear case here, she’s guilty. I agree that I don’t see her serving jail time on it but it absolutely prevents her from being sworn in as President.


Never said anything about it being an accident, I don’t know either way if it was negligence or purposeful.

Not trying to be purposefully contrary, I just don’t know if this would even effect her.

She will delay, obfuscate, misdirect and then finally buy her way out of repercussions.

It may, in a way, cost her the election but that all depends on how many people Bernie Sanders can pull from her during the drama.


I just don’t get how so many people suck so bad at OPSEC, let alone people at that level of government.


I hate everything goverment. Even down to usps. They just dont give a fuck. Two days in a row my usps lady put my packages in front of my door to the point where I couldn’t open it. I had to walk out my side to to retrieve it from my front door. The UPS guy…ALWAYS puts in on my back porch. I asked one time during christmas 4 years ago. Private sector > public. ok sorry, that was a bit of a rant


I wonder though (Conspiratard mode activated) if it really is them being bad at OpSec or if it was somewhat intentional and they thought that no one would ever figure it out.


Around here the usps is better than or at least equal to ups. People really don’t appreciate things until they are gone. You having a mediocre mail carrier shouldn’t reflect on the entire nationwide organization. Last time I moved across the country being able to mail all of my many many books ahead of me at a super low price was a huge help. Usps is really under appreciated by people in this country.


Hillary is the leading Republican candidate anyway. At least the corporate candidate. And she’s no different/worse than Reagan, George W., or Bill and a lot of other top politicians throughout the world at getting away with lies and murder, so I don’t see much happening to her.