Why is this so Perfect?


Perfect condiment coming through, ketchup pls leave.


Can confirm great condiment. Although I like franks red hot myself.


Best of both worlds :wink:


I just KNEW you would pull this! I half expected some kind of BARBECUE sauce from you… :wink:


I got two bottles of that shit downstairs right now :wink:

Also, Sriracha is good, but garlic Sriracha is divine :angel:


I concur. Sriracha is amazing stuff. I put it on everything now. It also keeps everyone from eating my food.


Ooooh, where’d you find that Garlic Sriracha? I must say I love both flavors, and having both combined has got to be amazing :smiley:


Garlic Sriracha is at my local grocery store in the same oriental section


Why not have all of it?


This is too many flavors :sadgumball: Putting that on food would make it explode from flavor


The PX never stocked it; I always had to go to the Korean Supermarket to find it.


Good to know it’s not on base before I go wildly searching for it


Boy, putting Sriracha Garlic Sauce sure would put some Dance in that Burger


I want all of it.