Why should I think about Warlords of Draenor

You shouldn’t!

But here is why I am…

Warlords of Draenor (WoD) is the most recent expansion for World of Warcraft and releases on 11/14/14


Basically the WoWified version of housing. The link really covers a ton of what happens within this new development.

A simple breakdown though:

You have a town, you add things that YOU want to it to make it suit your play-style such as merchants, quest givers, resources and aesthetics.

Flex Raids

Flexible raiding or “Flex Raids” is content geared for 10 to 25 players that are disconnected by server / guild.

What the hell does that mean?!

Well it means that if I am on server B and you are on server 1, you don’t have to create a new character on my AWESOME server B to enjoy the company of my raiding expertise! You aren’t tied to one group of friends doing cool things together and are instead tied to me, as you drag me through content that I can’t complete, a win win!

Returning players

So one of the major things that caused a LOT of controversy is that blizzard released a “Bossing” option for players to purchase pre-leveled characters (level 90).

You receive ONE boosted character with the purchase of the expansion.

The expansion is expanding the level cap to 100 though so you aren’t done leveling just yet!

Those are the “Major” talking points that WoD has to offer but as we all know, WoW was the first MMO (Yes, I know). They have a special place in everyone’s heart, this is the game that spawned a ton of investment into other games. Love it or hate it the game pulls people back.

So what the hell are YOU doing?!

My plan is to play casually as I have for years, my days of hardcore raiding for 4-6 hours 3-4 days a week are done. I have a core group of people (about 10) that I play with I am trying to get those people involved with the community. I would like to extend an invite to people if they are out in the cold and would like to raid. This, AT THE MOMENT, is not connected with Strats aside from people having fun and being together. Personal goal is to get more people from the community under one “Flex” and the build outward from this one game to other games.