Wildstar activity?

I am trying to gauge how active strats co is in wildstar right now. It seems most people may have switched to destiny. For the past few weeks, I have only seen one other person from the guild. Do enough folks still play to do a dungeon? Are we recruiting for wildstar? I am not trying to rock the boat, just trying to gauge our member activity.


I can’t speak for everyone but I know that at least a few others are in the same boat as me.
I have not “Switched” to Destiny so much as I’m just taking a small break from Wildstar to play some Destiny because it is a new and shiny change of pace. I plan on still playing Wildstar (in fact I plan on playing a good deal of it tomorrow) and I still consider Wildstar my “Primary” game.

I think that others feel the same way, so do not despair, we shall return.

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Yeah. The same has gone for me. This week i’ve been play some Destiny but Wildstar is still my primary game. Now that i’ve got the Destiny fix from release and the changes to attunement I’ll be back full force in Wildstar. And yes we still have enough people to get a dungeon run together but there are alot of people in the same boat that have been playing Destiny for this week. I suspect those members will be returning to Wildstar soon. As for recruiting, yes we have been recruiting on Reddit and I’ve been recruiting in game as well. We are working to repopulate our number and home to gain back some members from the new change to attunement.

Anyone who is still interested in playing is more than welcome to find Wildstar recruiting forums and such and point people over to here. Make sure you share the link to the original post so you get credit for all the clicks you receive.

I am still playing Wildstar, just been busy with real life stuffs.

^ This. In addition, the onset of school had some unique challenges for someone who’s been out of it for 12 years. Now that I’ve hit my 20 in Destiny on the first toon, it’s going to be a filler game along with TLOU:Re. The knowledge that the attunement changes were coming and that I’m nearly raid-geared on my main was enough to make me take a break until they hit.

You’ll see me back tomorrow for the runs :wink:

I have been sick the past couple days and am also kinda pissed at WS right now with the gear / rune changes that are coming, requiring a massive re-grind for stuff.

I am debating resubbing at the moment. Might join the Arche Age guys or invest more time in assisting with the MC server that kinda up at the moment.

That being said I will be on tonight and sat doing stuff, I love the game, but dont want to have to do a lot of stuff over, AGAIN.

Do you have a link to the rework of the gear/runesets? I’m now fearful it’s going to negatively impact my current situation and I’m genuinely curious what effort it’s going to take to get myself sorted back out if it does.

I play Wildstar exclusively.

Glad to see so many prompt replays. This is my only game, and I am excited to hear the guild is still here and trying to grow. I look forward to doing some runs with everyone. See y’all in game!

I only really looked for warrs, but basically our best first rune slot will be water now. It was fire. This is because of the change to Brut making it better than straight AP. The best Brut runes will be water. I’ll look for a good resource when I am at my desktop.

How they made the mistake of having a secondary stat perform better than a main stat baffles me. WoW made and corrected this same type of stat scenario years ago, “green stat” attack power & haste being better than straight agility & haste for a Rogue as an example, when going from BC to Wrath. God, haste was so friggin OP back then, especially as a Combat spec.

Also, our rotation is no longer proc based, it is basically 2 buttons, BUT, whirlwind may actually be useful now. Need to get on ptr and test. Right now, relentless strike has a chance to proc rampage, this is changing to every 3 swings of relentless will activate rampage.

EDIT: Rune changes for warriors in Gdocs form, thanks to u/hipsterjoshy from reddit.