Wildstar finally takes the plunge



First I read that Wildstar is likely coming to Steam. Then I just found this link a few minutes ago saying that the game is going free/optional sub by end of summer.



I don’t that means what you think it means.


Do people still play that game? I heard a lot of players quit a while ago.


I remember my friend tried to get me to play wildstar instead of ESO. Ha.


Wild Star was really great it brought back a lot of the feelings that Vanilla WoW did. However, once you got to max level it just turned more into the same old same old. The dodge and zone mechanics did make the game more fun and dynamic though. Could be worth checking out if your looking to scratch that wow itch.


I guess you didn’t follow Wildstar’s development. The dev who voiced their Youtube videos would mouth off hardcore constantly. It was supposed to be a joke but spiraled into a sort of tagline for the game.

Edit - As for the population, it seems pretty low. I visit the forums once a week and morale has been bad for months. I tried the 10 day free trial about a month ago and just couldn’t get back into it (I have 2 max level chars).

I read the complaining on TESO boards but at least when I visit the bank in the starter town there’s 10+ people crowded around it. In Wildstar I was lucky to see 2 or 3 people with me in the starter zone.

If they are indeed going f2p I would be more inclined to play, just like TESO. Wildstar has fantastic dungeon and raid design. Originally the raid content was gated behind a long and tedious attunement quest and then the raids were 20 & 40 man. The attunement has since been made easier and the 40 man raid was changed to 20.


Essentially the same transformation WoW made. Minus the obvious F2P aspect.


Add another game to my FTP MMO list

Star Trek online


Wow is F2P?


Up to lvl 20


Oh, that barely counts…


Well the game time can be semi FTP now too for WoW. They just added a currency coin that can be exchanged for in game time (think PLEX from eve). The idea is that people who want gold rather then paying some Gold Farming Outfit will instead by the coin from the item shop and then sell it on the auction house. So depending on how lucrative you are at making gold your monthly game time can be free, leaving you only the cost of purchasing the game and all 5 expansions.