Wildstar is closing Nov 30 2018


The game that brought many Strats folks here including the infamous @Auth is shutting er’ down.


Wow, the end of an era. StratsCo survives past Wildstar :slight_smile:


RIP in potential, Wildstar.


Now we will survive past TESO


Such a sad disappointment.


I didn’t realize the duck had that much power. Much respect.


Auth will remember this.


Wildstar still makes me sad. It was an awesome 6 months, and wish it had survived longer.


Wildstar is why I’m here.


Probably the 3rd biggest people-gain we had behind Albion and Destiny (maybe in that order?).


I would feel comfortable saying that.


I think gaining @Auth automatically makes it the biggest as he counts as at least 100 mere humans.


Being that you’re an AI, I trust you’ve run the numbers :wink:


Had an absolute blast playing this when it came out - it was awesome. Really sad that it failed so hard.