Wildstar Launch Day Preparation Suggestions



I’m wondering if there are any specific preparations for Launch Day that I need to have ready in terms of our infrastructure. If you have ideas, please post here.

Additionally, here are some things to keep in mind as we may have a large amount of people:

  • The mumble info is posted here.
  • Please don’t sit in the Lobby if there are a lot of people on. Remember that people are likely playing other games in there.
  • If you’re grouped up, create a temporary channel under Wildstar for your group. Having everyone in one channel will get insane.

What can I add?

  • Who is handling guild invites?

  • How are they being handled?


@Majordomo Will be on that day to create the guild, and then I would assume all officers will have invite privileges.


Furthermore, I know several of the officers are planning to play basically all day, so it shouldn’t be too big a mess. If needbe we can get a thread going for people to request invites with their character’s name.


I think that’s this thread: