Wildstar Megaservers



Looks like Carbine is finally going to merge the servers into “megaservers”, similar to Cryptic games or TESO. Their FAQ makes it sound like this was the plan all along, but I find that hard to believe. This question in particular made me giggle:

Q 3. Are you doing Megaservers because of declining server population?

The increased server capacity to cope with the launch rush is no longer required. Megaservers allow us to increase player capacity per server so you will always have plenty of people to play with.

Great way to dodge the actual question there.

But this is likely what the game needs, and I might actually resub and try to play again in what little spare time I have. Until the megaservers are ready they are opening free realm transfers from all the low-pop servers onto Stormtalon, so that might help me finish some of the group quests I need. About a month ago I got my 2nd character to 50 and spent 3 days trying to find people to help with the 5-man Grimvault quests. I found one person and that was it.


Yeah, we’ve needed a population adjustment for a while. This isn’t tech you can just shit out either, so it’s been on the table for at least a little bit. Go us for picking Stormtalon though, with as bad as it is there I can’t imagine what the other servers are like o.O


Reflecting back on Jeremy Gaffney’s recent announcement about his departure, I wonder if this is something he butted heads about with his staff/NCSoft. He commented along the lines of “too many strong opinions” around the office. Before launch, it was a big deal to have separate servers and to allow dungeon finder to only search for people on your server if you desired, to have that server pride. Now all of that will be dissolved ~6 months after launch.


well, that “my server only” thing was busted from the get go. It only would search for other players who selected “My server only” and not any player on your server regardless of which option they chose.

And I will say that I actually did miss that feeling of seeing the same people around on the server in ESO, with the mega server it’s totally random who you run into.


There’s really no reason all MMORPGs shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not a question of technology or infrastructure, it’s just design.

The “megaserver” systems and the individual realms work in very much the same way where there are an instanced number of players per area. I can’t think of any compelling reason to design away from balancing load in this way. Perhaps the argument could be made that if one realm’s economy collapses it wouldn’t hurt the others but that seems like a different issue that should be delt with.


I agree that single-server design should be the norm by now. Champions Online, I think, is the first single server game I recall and it just celebrated its 5th anniversary yesterday. Wildstar development likely started earlier than Champs, though, and multiple-server tech was locked-in early on. Carbine probably had to wait for revenue to start flowing before a big change like that could be implemented.

But I’m just armchairing it.


Eve Online, 10 years since release, 12+ years in development.


…MUDs :wink:


Obviously I should have specified a little better.

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