Wildstar Megathread!



Welcome to the Wildstar Information Megathread!

If you have helpful and relevant links please post here and we will make sure we include them in the main post!

Wildstar Strats Co Info:

North America / Stormtalon PvE / Exile

Raid times: Tuesday 9-12 EST - Saturday 8-12 EST - Sunday 8-11 EST (All raid times/days are temporary and placeholder/subject to change for release as we will base it off our members availability)

Officers for the Wildstar Branch of Strats & CO. smile

******@Majordomo Guild Master
@GuardianX Communications Officer
@DracoIsmenium Player Versus Player Officer
@Sennish Master of Coin Officer
@Auth Player Versus Player Officer
@Droul Player Vs Environment Officer
@KnightsOfTheRou Tank and Player Versus Environment officer

Wildstar Websites:

Wildstar Official Website

Wildstar Preorder

Wildstar Forums

Wildstar Reddit

Wildstar Jabbithole (Wowhead Equivalent)

Wildstar Curse Addons

WIldstar Class Builder

Wildstar Strats Co Reddit

Wildstar Strats Co Recruitment Post

Wildstar Central

Wildstar Wiki

Game Mechanics





Crowd Control:

Ability Mechanics









Group Content:




Raid times
Wildstar 7 Day Free Passes Trading (NA)
Wildstar 7 Day Free Passes Trading (NA)


The customization looks very nice.


Its does look amazing. In depth crafting as well! cant wait


Found this site, which has a ton of the guild emblem options up if we want to start talking/voting on what we want the emblem to look like. Not sure if it’s already been decided on, I was on the wrong server during the beta ^^

Wildstar Guild Emblem

Hell yes! This is the shit I love, thanks @Auth!


Wildstar’s WoWHead

It’s still missing a lot, but it’s coming along.


Jabbithole isn’t bad. I like http://wildstar.gamepedia.com/Wildstar_Wiki better. But they both together are probably where it’s at.


I also use http://wildstar-central.com/


Almost impulse bought Wildstar this morning.


It will be back @Wheatums310… .This is a planned 14 hour outage. Come back tomorrow and buy it!


I did the exact same thing.


Are there any websites that have armor model comparisons between races/sexes?


I’d love to find something like that as well.



I’ll post more as I find them

Also, the realms were listed. Did the guild pick one yet?


We’re waiting to see where the masses are going. We’ll probably decide tomorrow (I hope).


So what are the numbers like for people planning on tanking and people planning on healing? People say ‘play what you like’ a whole lot, but I’m fine playing anything. Would rather be employed than being logged on a character I like doing nothing because there’s no groups. :smiley:


The numbers are changing constantly right now as we are getting a ton of recruits so it’s impossible to tell, nevermind the fact that we’ve no idea what the situation will look like for raiding. I know @KnightsOfTheRou is heading up the tanks; he might have some idea for that department. As for dps and healing, as it’s not as intrinsic for people to be on the exact same page I don’t think we currently or will have anyone stepping forward to “head it up,” so to speak.


Found this today, info on how to start doing 20 man Raids and the atonement process.


Guild, your enthusiasm has forced me to buy Wildstar. Game is bought and downloading, I’ll be playing a spellslinger, and I hope to join you all soon!