Wildstar Pre-Order/Launch Sign Up!



With Open Beta being over i will only be adding names for launch!


Majordomo - IGN: Majordomo
Reptile - IGN: Reptile
GuardianX - IGN: Shiah
Serai - IGN: Serayn
Klutchkandy IGN: klutchkandy
Droul - IGN: Droul
senNish - IGN: Sennish
AndroSphinx12 - IGN: AndroSphinx
Vocino - IGN: Vocino
shortround - IGN: Shortround
Diacuss - IGN: Diacuss
Dracoismenium - IGN: Dracoismenium
Popinski -IGN: SodaPopinski
KnightsOfTheRou -IGN: BusterSword

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Open Beta:
iamkrillin - IGN: Archimus


Open Beta - Orestia

Pre-Order - Reptile


Pre-ordered and in Beta

If you want to request an account level friend, hit me up on mumble.

Shiah – Exile – Cassus Server


Pre ordered my in game name is Serayn


Pre-ordered today reserved in game name Droul


Open Beta:
Andro -IGN:Andro
Name Reserved:


shortround - IGN: Shortround


Preordered. I was having lots of trouble with name reservation, but if it sticks I’ll be SodaPopinski at launch.


Pre-ordered: Reserved name BusterSword


Moving sign up to introduction thread.Post there to be included in our launch plans and to be able to get invites the moment it goes live!

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