Wildstar <StratsCo>

As you may or may not be aware, a change of leadership has happened within the Wildstar guild and I’m your newly-appointed Guild Leader.

cheers abound

As such, I’d like to introduce myself and try and let you know for the future:

I’m @Diacuss; I’m 33 and love long walks along the beach over the dead bodies of the the Dominion I’ve slain. But in all seriousness, I’ve been with the Strats guild since the beginning and I’ve worked to help gear and progress members through attunement.

For the future, I’d like to continue to progress this guild through attunement and eventual get to raiding. That being said, we have a big endeavor in front of us. First and foremost: our numbers are low. @Auth has been posting to reddit weekly in an effort to get more players into our guild, but we also need to put a good effort in game to do recruiting; unfortunately, I can’t do that alone.

I’m in need of an officer or two to help in this effort. To progress, we will need more people and we all need to put forth an effort to make this happen. If your interested in being an officer in Wildstar and help with recruiting, please send me a PM.

In addition to recruitment, I’d also like to hear your ideas and concerns for the future of our guild. Please post any comments, concerns, or ideas you might have here. We need continue working together and making strides to build our guild moving forward.


Unfortunately I don’t think I have the time to commit to being an officer, but I would like to help out as much as possible, as I’m really enjoying the game and want to progress to raiding.

A couple thoughts I’ve had about how to help us:
1.) Clean the guild roster a little. I know for me it’s disheartening to see so many people who haven’t logged for multiple months on the roster.
2.) Use the guild announcements for adventure / dungeon nights. I’m assuming we have some members that may not use the forum every night so if we post that we will be running adventures every Tuesday night with guildies (even if we have to pug) it’ll give a better idea of guild activities.
3.) Do some recruiting in Thayd through zone spam. If we come up with a standard post then maybe we can get our active members to run it periodically in the big zones when they are on. I’m willing and able to recruit in this method.

Other than that I’m glad that we are continuing to run content and I look forward to the guild growing.

This addon would help in scheduling day to day stuff: http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/223228-event-calendar.

Let me know how I can help.

Same I will help as well.


We are approaching the weekend, unfortunately I will be out of town and wont be online. But I will be on Monday, maybe we can do some guild activities.
Also, do we have the OK to start inviting people to guild? Are we waiting on megaservers before we start heavy ingame recruiting?
Hope everyone is well, I am off work all next week, so I expect to see yall ingame often :slight_smile:

Well, it seems like we are down to only a couple people logging in. I have to assume our recruiting has not attracted a lot of people. So it is time to bring up the question, do we merge with another guild?? I really like everyone I have met in this guild, and I am hoping we can all stay together. Any thoughts on this?

Either guild merge or guild disband at this point. Or Strats Co becomes a circle while members move to another guild (agreed upon merger).

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Couple things, the WildStar franchise of strats is now without a leader (some would argue it has been leaderless for a good while). That in mind, leadership needs to discuss what happens when a franchise dwindles.

Mergers have been discussed in the past and the resounding cry (from memory) has usually been negative.

On a personal note, I wouldn’t want to see the actual guild go away. People spent time getting the guild to where it is, level wise, and should there ever be a desire for people to play again I would want people to have a place (albeit a “ghost town” currently) to be.

I brought up the idea of “What to do” when we leave a game en-masse and these quotes came about.

I don’t think any of that really answers any questions, but it is food for thought none the less.

Thanks for such a prompt reply.
I like what you wrote. And I too would like to see Strats Co remain a guild. It seems the next step is to decide if someone wants to assume leadership of this guild. If not, then maybe this can be an alt guild? That way if and when other people return, the guild is still here waiting for them.
However, there are a couple of us who still love wildstar, and it is our main game. If none wants leadership, and this guild becomes an alt guild, would it be wise for us to move our main toons elsewhere but place alts here? Just throwing ideas around. In an ideal world, I hope someone takes leadership and we build the guild back up :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for my part of not being able to lead this guild. For those of you not aware in the AFK channel I’ve quit my job and i’m having to deal with finding a new one and that has take all of my time and has put me in a rather bad place right now. Sorry to say i didn’t do a great job after I’ve took over leadership but I’ve had this in my mind also and i agree that the Strats guild for Wildstar is not doing well at all. I like the idea of making Strats a circle and keeping the guild with someones alt maintaining it. But i think that if you are serious about wanting to get into endgame content it’d be wise to look for another guild. I don’t have it in me right now to try and lead this guild. Thanks for the support and i’ll see you in game whenever i can get on.

I have this strange desire to want to play this game, but when I actually log in I get frustrated because I can’t find groups for daily quests or 5-man Grimvault story content. However, I really haven’t played a lot since server transfers became available so this might not be a problem anymore.

I think I’ll check it out later today and see how active things are in Grimvault. I’m not the guy to lead the guild, but if I can just get my motivation I could be another name showing up somewhat regularly.

I will put together a circle so everyone can stay in contact. Will name it Strats Co. I will try to send out invites as I can, and hopefully we can get everyone in the circle.
For now, I am gonna have to start looking for a new guild :-(. But I really want all of us to try to stay together, so when you get the circle invite, accept it!
I will keep up with the forums here to see how everyone is doing.

Please send an invite to both my characters, Lennard and Arkamedeez. I don’t think I added Lennard to the guild but I will probably be doing some healing on him soon.

StratsCo circle is up. Everyone gets invite privileges so make sure we get all members. I will continue to watch these forums to see who still needs an invite. FYI, I think you have to be ingame to receive the invite, so please add VOROS to your friends list so that you can see when I am ingame and you can send a whisper to get invite. Happy hunting all.