Wildstar who is going to be in the beta?



Decided to make use of the Open Beta and give Wildstar another chance before it launches. I’ll be on tomorrow around 5:30 EST starting a character. Join me if you must. :stuck_out_tongue:


I gave it another chance as well, I just… can’t… do it. I don’t know. The style just does not agree with me. I have basically no interest in the game unless something drastic happens with the graphics.

They seem pretty terrible even with max settings though, maybe they’re holding something back for the beta?


I read on reddit… go figure… that the poor performance might have been do to with old config files in one of the directories, and once cleared, people saw 20-30+ extra fps. Might have something to do with your experience if you had a previous install. Maybe not, I recall performance issues in closed when I was playing as well.


Performance is fine, no complaints there. My problem is with the low polygon count. I feel like you can have a cartoonish style without poor graphics. Wildstar seems to just have poor graphics.

Having said that, if the pvp is good, I could be convinced to get it a shot if we had a decent Strats presence. And/or if someone starts a “Strategy & Co.” in Wildstar, I will promote the shit out of it.


Ya I think I said it before, if I could replace the art team, I would. Fortunately I’m not playing it for the art…

Adding a ton of videos, these are LARGELY whimsical but give a basic overview of each point. The manner in which they deliver these videos also has me fairly happy. For now the company is very approachable, they aren’t perfect and their handling of some things has been a tad beginner (streaming passes to only SELECT members of the community) but overall it feels like they have a genuine love for the game they are making.

PAX 2014


They include the basic PvP elements such as Capture the flag, point capture. From this they expand to rated and unrated battlegrounds. Outside of mechanic based PvP they also have the 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 arenas.

Aside from this, they have PvP servers and yes, this includes open world PvP.

  • Warplots - Think Alterac Valley ( 40v40 PvP between 2 factions)

This element has me really excited, they basically combined housing with PvP. This makes me excited for a couple reasons, we talked about it for a while in ESO about crafting people whose jobs were to basically be the guild crafters. In ESO this didn’t really need to happen outside of a logistics standpoint, for Warplots you will want a person that has hard researched into warplots.

(I debated showing my research section but holy crap it would be like 12 images)


  • Raiding - It is going to be “Fairly hard”

Taken from the video from PAX, the raids in game are challenging. They are filled with mechanics, environmental hazards and skill based challenges. There are a few raid videos out there of beta raids, lots of early bugs. I’m looking forward to actually trying them live.

  • Housing - A combination of EQ2 (Free placement) and LOTRO (Plug objects)

Some changes from the video, houses are given at level 14 and you don’t clear your plot. People in beta said this was too confusing, I disagreed but really you only cleared once and it didn’t matter.

  • Adventures / Dungeons

They have many different types of group content available, all of it scales. No worrying about out leveling your buddy or debating if you want to do some content that is level 12 when you are level 50. Doing this content when I was level 25, scaled down to level 20 was still challenging but this could largely change when people hit 50.

I am unsure if they have level 50 dungeons. As far as I know there are level 50 “Hard” dungeons.

There you have it, a brief summary of most of the major draws of Wildstar. The game isn’t perfect, the engine isn’t perfect…why do I like it? Because for some reason I feel like the devs are actually sincere.

The issues as I can see…

  • Multiple servers, bad bad bad bad bad…ESO did a 1 server structure and I agree with the premise of it. There are issues but largely this needs to be the go-to for games of the future.

  • Art style “IT LOOKS LIKE WOW”

I cannot express how little I personally care about playing a game and worrying about the art style. I understand though that some people really REALLY dislike this style of game. If you cannot get past it, I view it as a personal preference. Can’t force someone to like what you like and to do so would be a douche-bag move.

  • Same gameplay as ever. The game is an Action RPG with a limited skill-set and quests. Go grab 100 bear asses, go kill 30 monsters in a cave. Compound this with 2000 people at launch doing the exact same thing? Issues will be had.

  • The unknown … Sometimes I just don’t know what to expect from a dev team, since this dev team hasn’t produced anything before this game the future is largely up in the air. I would suspect that NCsoft wants a return on investment but I don’t know how deep that will seed and how much control NCSoft has over the game.

Thanks for reading and hope i made any decisions easier / more informed!


@Vocino, Ok, this is gonna sound sarcastic… get ready…

But you still play Planetside 2?!?!?


i echo the same sentiments as vocino. i tried to give it another chance in open beta this past weekend. it just seems like the same old mmo. boring simple quests, simple gameplay, simple graphics. it just doesn’t grab me like they hype behind it made me believe it would. i will not be buying this for release.


I’ll probably buy it anyway. GMG has a code for 20% off.


“But you still play Planetside 2?!?!?”

What do you mean?

I gave it another chance as well, I just... can't... do it. I don't know. The style just does not agree with me. I have basically no interest in the game unless something drastic happens with the graphics.
Just poking fun, It's really hared to convey tone over type :sweat_smile:


WoW was the first MMO so everything looks like WoW


Server Information:

Cassus – Exile Faction

  • Why a non PvP server?

Because there wasn’t a pvp server option available when I was in beta.

  • How can I change servers, I didn’t even choose one!?!?

Top of the character select screen after you log in. Click the button and you are taken to server select.

  • But I already have a character on X server!

Cool! Cross server exists on this game, toss your email address to a person on mumble and have them add you. UNFORTUNATELY you can’t cross FACTION group.


collectors edition bought…


Thanks a lot for the extensive info! Definitely helpful.


Welp… Do we need a Wildstar category?


we do:D already got a few who bought it




I thought this was a good review of the game if anyone want to watch it: video


This looks good and I am going to play it because I want to play with you guys and I play a lot of games… but honestly, everything this guy said about the boss fights is present in ESO. Even the bit about swapping out abilities that he was raving about.


Yeah pretty much. What I dont like is all the clutter and the mob grinding (get 30 of these, repeat) so I wont be playing it. But have fun