Wildstar's big announcement today



Not much else to say

Edit - The whole sign up for beta button at the end is kind of… scary. Since the game has been out for a year.




That intrigued me as well so I took to reddit to see if anyone had an answer.


Anyone who thinks WildStar wasn’t designed to be a free-to-play game (at some point) from day one is crazy.


Well, I think that goes for almost any Modern MMO. I think ESO was also developed with the knowledge that at some point they would switch to a B2P model.


Of course.


Yes TESO always wanted to milk PC/Mac subs before the console launch. I feel rather certain of that.

But the Wildstar forums have several members that feel their game is strong, a definite Wowcraft contender and deserves it’s subscription fee. Despite the fact that the NCSoft financials show it being the least profitable game for the company. These members refused to see the signs when the Wildstar boxes were being pulled from shelves in other countries and the game was running the deal where you got additional in-game items for purchasing extra box copies (despite already owning the game) and applying the code.


Is this real? Because that just sounds too stupid to be true.


Here’s the announcement for you.


My goodness. . . that’s pretty sad.


To me it feels like at the core WildStar is designed for free to play though.

The huge focus on housing and furniture, the big outfits and colors, ridiculous dungeon requirements, the time sinks that felt too long to be normal.

There is just so much there that could easily have a price tag.

That seems different to me than ESO. I feel like ESO actually felt like they could be the WOW-scale subscription game they discussed. They may have had a backup plan—especially from an investor perspective—but overall the vision wasn’t to go cash shop model.


I would agree with this, especially since they opted for B2P rather than F2P which allows them to rely less on the cash shop.


Yeah, TESO is going with the buy-to-play model. Everything in the cash shop is optional, mainly cosmetic things. Wildstar is going free-to-play. Supposedly everything in the game is available to a player and they don’t have to spend a dime.

Wildstar’s F2P FAQ outlines everything. By paying their monthly sub you’re getting more character slots, more bank space, more auction house slots, more decor slots for your house, etc. Nothing is mentioned about potential expansions for Wildstar and how that will be handled.


Wildstar had a Twitch presentation today. They claim to have a big content update planned to coincide with this F2P transition, as well as already planning the follow-up after F2P is in place.

They specifically mentioned holiday content for the follow-up. I know they worked on lots of holiday content last year which was never put into the game. Nothing was said specifically about any new dungeons or raids.

I would be inclined to visit this game after the transition especially since I will have a few perks by having owned the game already. I will likely stay a free player and jump in to do some PvP or something.