Will The Elder Scrolls Online Cost me Another $15?

I’m nearly ready to give TESO another try. The real question for me is “who’s playing”? I was able to handle the botting, the broken quests and even the impossible climb through the VR ranks. I’ll admit, one of my biggest pushes to leave the franchise was that everyone was going to play Wildstar. If I wanted to play an Elder Scrolls game alone it would be Skyrim.

Getting ready to jump, give me the push or pull me back in.

Don’t do it; Los Santos is overflowing with hookers that need dealt with! :wink:

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I can play both. :blush: honestly I need to play a little more as of late.

I would say it depends on what level your character was at when you left off. The big changes are coming Jan/Feb time frame, with the Champion System and the first stage of the Justice System. Most upper level characters now are grinding to store up as many Champion points as they can before it hits.

Bots are pretty much gone, the vast majority of quests work well. The VR ranks are still a grind though. Even though I hit the max on my main character, I’m glad they are going away.

The toughest part is finding others with the same time available, although there are so many guilds (and you can be in 5 at the same time) and people on either Teamspeak or Mumble that it shouldn’t be that difficult.

IIRC Tommy is a high VR level (10?). I’d love to play through DragonStar with some VR Strats. I see Xerosum in all the time and I know i’ll be playing a lot. As Rotaugen said there isn’t much trouble finding a guild to roll with when you can have 5, if Strats doesn’t revive like I hope.

I’m thinking of coming back. It wouldn’t be till after January though. I’m only VR1 though.

VR shouldn’t really matter after the Champion System is implemented in January.

I hope the Champion system makes everyone at 50 around the same as it would make grouping far easier. I also hope they get phasing fixed so you can redo quests with people who have not done them.

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Perhaps we could make a poll? so you can see how many are currently playing and how many would consider playing again?

Because I can really only speak for myself in saying that I’m currently playing and intend on continuing to play and least until after the big patch in Jan.


Made a poll.