Windows 10 and shrunken display, need help please


So as the title states I am having problems with my upgrade to Win10. It has “'shrunk”" the display and by that I mean there is a large almost 3 inch border around my screen now. best i cna tell it seems it might be the monitor having the problem cause if I try to resize the image it thinks it is at the edge of the screen already.
I have tried google wnidows forums and even nvidia forums so any help or tips would be appreciated. I am hoping I dont have to go back and uninstall it

Running a dual monitor set up with my main monitor ( the problem1) being a Samsung4k

thanks in advance


What is your resolution set at? Also could be some kind of weird overscan setting (set to a far underscan setting).


was at 2560 x 1440, tried going to 1920 x 10 80 and same black border. I didnt change any monitor settins at all


This is more then likely due to the video drivers. Grab the new drivers and see if that helps.


Maybe a dingo ate your GPU?


video drivers was my first thought also, sadly I had the latest already


If I go to the 3840x2160 there is no letterbox (@JRWarlord helped with the letterbox term) but if I go to anything smaller I get this letterbox strangely


This is really strange. Are you using NVIDIA Control Panel? Open it and go to Display > Adjust desktop size and position and make sure that those settings are correct.

You probably want “No scaling”. Maybe try some different settings there. Double check that the “Native resolution” is what your display is. If not, there might be some communication issues between your display and video card via HDMI or DVI.


@Vocino you sir are ““de man”” . thta fixed it