Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for the first year


I know this is software but it has to do with PC building. I’m one of the few people that prefers Windows 8 to 7 and I think 10 looks pretty good.


They mentioned it a while ago, but I think it’s a good plan. Looks like a happy marriage of 7 and 8.1 to me with a few new twists.


It helps with normalizing everyone too. They can start everyone off on the same place. They will probably cut all support for old stuff too


Government is just now upgrading to 7, I hope they continue to support that at least :confused:

This is great news for iffy users who didn’t like 8. As someone who teaches Microsoft OS and Suites to the public, they can bring out new versions any time they want ;D


good news. i also prefer 8/8.1 to 7 so far…and 10 does look pretty nice. now i just need a better pc :frowning:


Yay I can set up my xSplit for that I bet.


woah! It’s free for 7 and 8.1??? That is news!


YEAH! I thought I would have to buy 8 or something. This way I get to skip it all together.


I would wait until it goes live, and maybe a few weeks after that: (Def not the tech preview!)


Why is no one asking the important questions? Where is windows 9?
All I can think is: 7 8 9.
Damn you windows 7.


It’s due to some legacy code in many third party software / drivers. A lot of them had code to check for Windows 95 / 98, however it appears that instead of them coding it to check explicitly for that, it just checked for anything that was Windows 9* and that = 95 or 98.

Some information is here:

There’s been other reports and so forth pretty well confirming it was due to legacy code. It appears to be largely an issue with most third party vendors, and likely not so much of an issue with Microsoft’s code themself (Although that still may be an issue)


I love how you took the time to find relevant information but honestly I just wanted an excuse to make a bad joke :slight_smile:


Yeah we would have had to do some major revisions to Operating System ID thanks to Windows 9x and Windows 9


That’s kind of exciting. I’ll be very curious to try out 10 when it comes out, but I may partition – the last thing I need to happen is for me to upgrade to 10 and then my entire steam library become useless until 10.1. :joy:


Lol, sorry to ruin your potential moment :stuck_out_tongue: