Windows build of OBS Multiplatform


I have been following the progress of the OBS Multiplatform project. The team recently released a Windows Test Build: 0.9.1 It is very early in development, but I like what I have seen. Here are some of the highlights I have came across:

  • More robust Chroma Key options to include Color Key and Image Masking
  • Ability to simultaneously stream and record in two different resolutions (720 Stream & 1080 Video)
  • Audio sources can be tied to one of 4 different tracks, you can select what tracks get streamed and which ones get recorded independent from one another
  • Completely redesigned Scene Item Transform settings ( Position, Rotation, Alignment, etc.)
  • and more…

I’m super excited by what I have seen so far. I’ll keep you all posted as this project evolves.