Wish us luck tomorrow!



A few weeks ago the Strats guys were kind enough to let Dota 2 pals and I use the Strats name when competing in a small tournament in LA. Well the time has come and we get to compete for a nice $500 tomorrow afternoon! Wish us luck as we take on a whopping 3 other teams in a double elim setup! Haha.

I hope to take a picture of our team and post it for you guys. I will keep you updated with our status, aka winning!


Is there any way to see a stream of it?


I’ll ask…but it’s their PCs and I doubt they have it setup for streams, but you never know!


Also, @Vocino…did you guys still want me to put GFX in-game for Strats? No worries if you are busy, I just remember @tommy2118 saying we should represent to the max.


Can you give me the exact specs you need? (Again, if I missed them)



I think these are what you need.


Yea, I add the images under the team profile in Dota 2. Then when we play we select the team and those GFX will show up in game in specified locations.


$500?! Niiiiiiice.

GOOD LUCK, @skidoLLaZ! Hopefully if it’s streamed I can stop by + show some Strats Love~


Maybe even if its not streamed it would be accessible via in game tournament playback? At the very least we could make a VOD if you grab the match IDs.


Hopefully we use our own Steam logins, then I will have the replays available to download at home. If not, I will try to remember to grab match Id’s for later use!

And if we use our own Steam logins…you would be able to spectate my game from in Dota 2, no? @senNish

Edit: And actually…if someone watches my gameplay in dota, they can stream it and you can view any character etc…so it’s the full experience! This could work well.


Yes we could. (I can’t. I’ll be unavailable during your matches) :frowning:


If anyone is around (@tommy2118 , @Auth) that might want to stream (via spectating me through Dota 2) I can let you know times and stuff. First I am figuring out if it’s even possible by seeing if we are logging into our Steam Accounts.


Would suck not to be allowed to use your own steam account. How will you show off your hats and TI immortals?!?!?!!


Good luck! Kick some ass!


Confirmed using own steam account…so if anyone wants to stream us, just add me on steam and spectate me and stream it. Starting tomorrow at 1PM PST.


Update: we got knocked out, but had a great time !!