Witcher 3 cockatrice fight



This contract took me way too many tries to kill this thing.

Is that the best quality I’m going to get from twitch on PS4? It doesn’t seem to be very good.


Whats your DL/UL speeds?



Don’t think that’s it lol.

ps thanks for the eidt Auth :smile:


well holy upload batman…


I gotta ask…how much do you pay for internet??? I get 100DL, 15 UL and its like 80$ haha.


He doesn’t pay for internet… he is the internet…


$66 for 100 up and down although it seems to vary widely at any given time. Usually faster than I pay for.


Who are you with and are they in Canada? Specifically Southern Ontario? I can dream can’t I? :frowning:


Holy moly…what ISP? COX in SoCal is weak.


Pendleton Fiber, local company. I was paying $55 for 30 down and about 2 up from Charter. My speeds usually averaged around 20 and 1 with them.


They are not in Canada lol it’s a local company sorry. No data caps either.


Idk if we have any fiber companies down here :flushed:


Kind of funny that a podunk town in Oregon has something you don’t down there in fancy pants California.

I’m glad this conversation has stayed on my internet speeds and isn’t making fun of my wiffed grenade throws.


I like how you call yourself out on your own failure. lol

I can’t wait until we get a good Fiber option in my town - one that is at least reasonably priced.

You know what Fiber options I have? Check this out - http://www.bell.ca/Bell_Internet/Internet_access

Your $66/month US is equal to around $80CAD, so that’d get us the blazing fast fiber 50 with a petty 250gb monthly cap. Also as you can see it’s fiber to your neighborhood, not to your house.


This turned into a bandwidth discussion but that doesn’t have anything to do with it. You set the PS4 bitrate using a “dumb” dropdown of Low and High (I think they added others but it’s been a while since I’ve streamed using it).

If you have it set to HD (or High or whatever it is called) then yes, that’s as good as it’s going to get.


Yes it’s set to best, even for 720p that seems fairly poor.


Bitrate != Resolution

You could have 1080p video at 1000kbps. It will look like trash.


Ya, the streaming options aren’t great at all with PS4. It’s great you can stream, but if you’re looking to become a dedicated streamer, you’ll probably want to look into a dedicated device. I know the Elgato is popular around here, however there are other options. Personally I have the Elgato HD60, although I don’t stream as my bandwidth doesn’t support that :frowning:


That is a bit spendy for what I want to do lol.


It’s worth noting that anyone who is concerned with putting out the highest possible quality to Twitch (resolution and lack of pixelation) needs to use a capture card like the HD60 or Extremecap U3. That said, the PS4 set-it-and-forget-it mode is very budget friendly and generally adequate; I expect it will only improve as dev teams get better at utilizing and optimizing the PS4, it’s firmware, and software :wink: