Won a Rumble Match Without Firing a Single Bullet



Video’s kinda long. But trust me. It’s all glorious shoulder charges and Titan fists! :wink:

Destiny Weekly Update #3

The true way to Titan.



@Vocino Oh man thanks for all the edits. Looks damn good. Nice job!

Where did all the Ads Go? Are you following me?

Thanks man, send over any other video you want featured. You should be a celeb! Also posted it up on r/destinythegame


Dam nice edit. That video was amazing, but now it looks pro status.


@spectrum21 did you check this out?


This video is off the chain! @JohnOnTheRocks you are famous! 212 upvotes on Reddit and 1,397 views on YouTube, in under 10 hours no less. :smirk:


@tommy2118 all thanks to that sick edit. I don’t wanna put a ceiling on my life, but I think I’ve made it guys haha


Lmao doubt that. Keep playing sick and making videos and you might a house hold name😏


Yes I did. Very Impressive. I likey.


Be prepared for more views! http://kotaku.com/getting-first-place-in-destinys-rumble-without-firing-1653309048


@Hi_Voltg3 my gaming career just leveled up :grimacing:



So @johnontherocks, now that your gaming career has taken off, what next? First titan to jump the hellmount, solo the vault, or retire?


I think he needs to get 2 more Titans and go for a Skirmish victory with all 3 using only melees :wink:


That sounds amazingly epic.


My titan is only level 17! Must level up striker!


It’d be a great follow-up video if he led it. it’d also be easy to link back to the previous video and would draw the attention of those who’d seen the first.

@JohnOnTheRocks, get on it :wink:


Having a token Defender Titan with Unbreakable+Relentless would be lulz.