Wondering how the new Dye System works?



Hello fellow Strategists, a few people have asked how the new Dye System works in ESO, so I figured I would show you guys. All in all, it’s pretty simple.

First, you’re gonna need to find a Dye Station, so look for this symbol

This marker tells you that you’re in the general vicinity of the Dye Station. The station itself looks like this

While in the Dye Menu, you can use the tools to add any dye you have unlocked to 1 or more of the 3 slots on any of your pieces of armor, or remove any applied dyes. The dyes themselves are unlocked by achievements. As you can see in this Screen Shot, the dye I’m Using was unlocked by the “Alliance War Volunteer” Achievement. I like this method, I feel like it makes the achievements a meaningful objective.

The Dye Menu will also allow you to set up Color Sets, if you find a color scheme you like, apply the colors to one of your four available saved sets and then use the “Set Fill” tool to quickly apply it to one or more pieces of armor, rather than dealing with all of the colors individually.

Like I said, pretty simple but I hope this helps anyone who had questions about the new dye system.


This is definitely pretty cool. Reminds me of Guild Wars a bit.


I’m feeling an incredible urge to play ESO again…


My VR14 has been chasing colors for a while. I have about 2/3 of them. Some are really tough to get. I doubt I will get the specific red for being Emperor.


Bump due to renewed interest.


I used this to change my armor to the guild colors of Black and Green.