Working on Retribution (book 2)


Good morning Strats… (I have always wanted to use that)… So, I have started writing Retribution, which is book 2 of my Krillian Empire trilogy, and wanted to let you know.

Writing will cause me to be absent from mumble but I will try to keep up with the forums and will start to be more attentive to the weekly meetings I hope.

Here I will list the names of those Strats members that I will be adding to Retribution under the Blue fighter squadron, lead by Fury from book 1, protecting the ship:

 Auth- promoted from communications
 Sennish- promoted from habitat maintenance
 Zniri- promoted from outer hull parasite removal
 Dynamible- promoted from protein distribution
 Diacuss- promoted from energy flow/maintenance section 6
 Biff- promoted from recycling flow monitoring section 12

I have 4 squadrons of 24 fighters each and will be using the fighters quite heavily in Retribution as this is the book the fun begins. If anyone else would like to be added as a pilot, I would be open to the suggestion. I am also open to suggestions for other areas of the ship as I have a crew of 1500 and other than the primary characters I named in Escape (book 1) there is plenty of room to add names. Be advised, the six names above are all going to be Antarians, as they are the species that the fighters were designed around. Antarians are 6 to 10 foot long scorpion like creatures with a metallic exoskeleton. There are other species onboard but only 6 are human and that will not increase. Also, though I am using the names, I want to be perfectly clear that the personalities of these crew members in no way reflect those of the people as I am writing a work of fiction.

One other thing, though I am happy to add names into the crew, I do so on a basis of need and do not promise anything other than the right of the name holder to say they inspired me to add their name.

I will be posting excerpts of my writing as I add the names to show how those crewmembers are introduced.


I’m not sure how my name would work, but. Our free to use it. I also go by Q sometimes.


you can add “ski”…you know, the crazy polish guy in the crew.


Hehe fell free to use my name, but tbh it might be a bit too conected to a certain kind of breakfast :wink:


This is awesome!

Great idea. I love the idea of sharing process and I have seen it work really well in practice.


Can’t wait till it comes out :slight_smile:


i would be honored if you would use my name in your next book. i hope your first will be available on amazon/kindle soon.


@senNish used to be a custodian :wink:


You can but the PDF version of the first book on the link in his post


Protein distribution. I don’t know if I work at GNC or the mess hall. Either way it’s a glorious tale of following my dreams and killing aliens.


shhhh… it is a secret… oh wait I posted it… damn, think he will notice


Ummmm… but you are an alien…


In before someone changes @senNish’s title to Space Janitor.


You are more than welcome to use my name/names.

Miles <- IRL name
Milez On Wheelz :stuck_out_tongue: <- this one may not be useful, but I had to put it in lol

Figured since my actual name is pretty unique you might want to know about it. I’ve personally only met 2 other people with my name, only one of them spelled it the same.

I’m also working on a short story for school at the moment. What would be your best tip to an aspiring writer?


@JRWarlord who does the cover art? Is that handled by the publisher?


The cover art was handled by the publisher after I sent in a concept piece I wanted them to use. The art I sent did not meet their requirements. I will however send them another piece to use for Retribution that meets their specifications so they can use it for that cover. I do get the final word on the cover so I am sure it will be interesting. I have an idea of changing my current art for book 2. You can see book 2’s current concept art on my facebook page:


Addition Strats members names being added and where:
Red fighter squadron which is lead by Klax will add these pilots:

Biggles- promoted from bridge monitoring station 4
Ski- promoted from hydroponics
Kellock- promoted from security
Vocino- promoted from medical supply
Whippet- promoted from crew quarters allocations
Calibian- promoted from water reclamation section 2
Milez- promoted from warehouse 6 section 2

Now I have 6 members in 2 of the four squadrons of fighters. I did this to spread people around and not to cause issues. I hope this is acceptable…


Aww yis, out of that warehouse :smiley:


It’s your book man and you were nice enough to put our names in it :slight_smile:


@JRWarlord I think it is very cool that you are using Strats members for the naming convention in your next book. I’m jealous that my name probably will not work for what you are doing, but feel free to use it if you find a way to make it work. I’ll also offer up my surname Caruso it is derived from crown and got its meaning from the haircuts that the roman soldiers used to wear.