World of Warcraft: Classic release date

World of Warcraft: Classic release date officially announced as 2019-08-27T04:00:00Z. Who’s playing?

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I most likely will be playing.

StratsCo WoW Classic guild? That’s damn tempting…

Why release over summer break when you can instead launch in conjunction with the start of the fall semester?

@Auth Bc they can’t resist evil of that magnitude!

I don’t know whether I’ll be playing. I still get physically ill when I log in.

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When I log into wow the game feels super dated as it is. I’m not sure nostalgia is enough to get me to play classic.

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This right here. MMO mechanics have evolved so much since 2004. No one builds a tab-target game anymore.

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I’d like to, I just can’t justify the sub to do so. The game was so simple back then… and by simple, I mean having to run forever and a day until you farmed a freaking amount of gold to get your first horse at 40.

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Hold up. I just realized I already own OG WoW… Will I still need to buy “Classic”?

I believe you have to be subscribed to Wowcraft in order to play. I don’t think it is a separate purchase.

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lol. I’ve been saying this for so long. What people think is “more convenient” and “better” is actually what was runing the game…

Has anyone picked a realm at this point?