World of Warcraft will now let you convert gold into Overwatch, Hearthstone


The tl;dr version: Those WoW tokens you’ve been buying with in-game gold to exchange for game time can now be converted into a general credit ($15USD it seems) & in turn be used across other Blizzard products.


I’ve pretty much given up on Wowcraft. This would be a great way to spend my ~100k gold I have.

The catch is that I would have to sub for a month just to access my characters who are holding the gold.


Right now it’s about 65k gold for 15 USD


Great idea. This aligns with my bet about the Blizzard ecosystem and $ATVI. We’re already at $40 from $20 but I think we could see Disney-like brand recognition. Unfortunately, the Warcraft movie flopped so it will be difficult for them to try again without some time passing.


I bought the Warcraft movie.

But only because it gave me Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone content which would have cost more than the movie itself.