Worms: Clan Wars Spring 2016 Bracket



#It’s happening!
After many responsibilities, irresponsibilities, and holidays, we’re finally kicking things off! This post will continue to update as the weeks go by, so be sure to bookmark it so you can find it. We’ll be starting up pretty soon, so get some practice in now if you’d like. There’re a couple of super-secret prizes up for grabs, so play your best :wink:


  • Each week you’ll face off against your assigned opponent. You have the entire week to figure out when you’re going to play one another (from Monday to Sunday). If you’re unable to work out a scheduled time, each participant will receive 2 points for the week. If one player is straight AFK and/or not responding to the other for match scheduling, they will forfeit all 4 matches to the player attempting to schedule play.

  • Your Worm team must consist of 4 worms, one of each class. Creative names are welcome, super-lewd ones not so much.

  • You will play 4 matches on “Beginner” setting, one of each terrain type (single island, double island, cave, and divided cave). The winner of each map earns 1 point. There are a total of 4 points available per week. Feel free to toggle through the auto-generated terrain and other map settings until you see something you’re both happy with.

  • You’ll play everyone in the tournament once; any tiebreakers that need to happen will take place during Championship Week (Week 8).

##Points Through Week 7:
:crown: @Auth - 24 :crown:

@Laoria - 21
@ohnokenzilla - 15
@GuardianOfLaoria - 14
@Calibian - 13
@Dynamible - 13
@Biggles7268 - 6

@skidoLLaZ - Dropped

##Week 8: 21 March - 27 March

#Brace yourselves; Championship Week is coming!
This coming week marks the final week of Worms play for the Spring 2016 Bracket! It’s been one helluva season; we are absolutely doing this again. With the relevant points already reported in, it would appear that I am this season’s champion. I had an awesome grand prize picked out, but since I won it (and already have it myself; I wasn’t expecting to win) it looks like it’s going to carry over into next season. But we’re not quite at the end of the fun yet; this week will feature a special format where the top and bottom half of the field will be battling it out for some awesome trophies courtesy of @PreshusKitty! The match rules are as follows:

  1. Excluding @Auth, the top 3 and bottom 3 players in the field will each compete against their peers in a winner-take-all, 3-player free-for-all for their respective trophy (these matches are now shown above).
  2. The worm team rules remain unchanged (one of each type).
  3. The match will be one round on the split island map, winner take all (or, more accurately, the appropriate trophy).
  4. In the unlikely event of a draw, any players who still had worms alive during the final play of the match will play again, until a clear winner is decided.

Worms Clan Wars Spring 2017 Tournament Signups

Saweet!! So each week we play four maps against the opponent we are matched up against?


That’s the idea; it gives the Ninja Rope masters a chance against the Super Sheep aces and vice versa :wink:


I guess I need to actually play the game once, haha! Bought it and never had the chance to play.


You and me both; I’m hoping my glory days of Worms: Armageddon will avert a total ass-kicking :wink:


I’m so stoked. I’ve never played the game before though. lol



My computer totally just died. I’ve been meaning to order a laptop, so let me do that. Also, Feb 20-25th I’ll be out of the country on a cruise, so scheduling will need to happen.


We’ll fogure something out for you on that week then if need be :wink:


I don’t have time to read what this is, but I want in!


Oh man this is going to be a blast!


Sorry hoss, the bracket for this run is closed; there was a sign-up thread a few weeks back and I plugged it on the last couple Weeklies. Don’t worry though, it seems like there’s a good chance we’ll be doing this again :wink:


Whatever week you and @Laoria play each other you better announce and stream it :wink:


You’re going down @GuardianOfLaoria


This game looks so fun but I’m not sure if I have enough time to commit to a new game. That just opens up a whole new clan of worms.


Hello vat@s!

I’m an old Worms Armageddon player, and i would like to watch this matches on live stream :3


I’ll stream my matchups :smile:


@skidoLLaZ bring it! :smirk:


hit me up on steam: skidoLLaZ …let’s get a practice match in sometime :smile:

Anyone hit me up for that matter.


Alrighty! I’ll add ya! It might be a few days before I can play though.


@Calibian stomped me and won all four rounds.