Worms Clan Wars Spring 2017 Tournament Signups



That’s right folks, we’re doing it again! We had a blast last year, and I expect this year will be as good, if not better. We’re going to make a few slight adjustments to the format based on how the last tournament went. The rules will be as such:


  • Each week you’ll face off against your assigned opponent. You have the entire week to figure out when you’re going to play one another (from Monday to Sunday). If you’re unable to work out a scheduled time, each participant will receive 1 point for the week. If one player is straight AFK and/or not responding to the other for match scheduling, they will forfeit all 3 matches to the player attempting to schedule play. @Auth will open a PM on Strats each week for every pairing so he can make sure folks are getting their matches in.

  • Your Worm team must consist of 4 worms, one of each class. Creative names are welcome, super-lewd ones not so much.

  • You will play 3 matches on the double island map using “Beginner” settings. The winner of each round earns 1 point. There are a total of 3 points available per week. Feel free to toggle through the auto-generated terrain and other map settings until you see something you’re both happy with.

  • You’ll play everyone in the tournament once; any tiebreakers that need to happen will take place during Championship Week (the last week of the tournament).

#Signup Information
Those interested in participating, please reply to this thread indicating as such. I will keep a running list here in the OP. Signups are open from now until January 22, 2017. The tournament will begin January 23rd and run as many weeks as needed based on signups.




Count the bartender in.


Count me in this year!

Bump goes the weasel.


Do I need to be good?


HA! That implies that any of us know what we’re doing :wink:

A cursory understanding of Worms games is about all that’s mandatory; you’ve more than enough time between now and the start of things to actually have more hours in this title than me (at the very least).


I just assumed that this tourney was for scrubs & signed up. I ain’t good at squat.