Worms: Clan Wars Tournament (outdated)



#Are we seriously playing Worms?!
Heck yeah we are! After a short chat in Discord about it and the positive reception I saw when I posted about the sale, this was an inevitability. I’m still working on the particulars, but I need to know who’s interested so I can settle on a format and we can get some dates up. We’ll be playing Worms: Clan Wars (which is part of the big 20th Anniversary sale going on for the next couple of days on Steam; currently $5). I’m establishing an official clan within that game which I’ll post more about in the coming days (I don’t know that we’ll ever use it, but it’ll be nice to have and potentially fun for us if we choose to to scrap with other clans).

If you’re interested in participating in a friendly series of Worms matches with fellow Strategists, hit reply and let me know :wink:


I’ll give it a go and let you know.


I’m in.


me too :slight_smile:


I’m in! Just bough clan wars.


I’m in


I’m in as well! I think @Laoria will be as well!