Worms on Steam midweek sale for 20th Anniversary



Each title is 75%+ off, with the entire collection of Worms games marked down 85%!

I bring this up because we’re in the process of organizing a Strats Worms Clan in Worms Clan Wars as well as a community Worms tournament (maybe more than one, depending on reception; the first one will be in Worms Clan Wars). Additional details on all of that will be available in the near future; get in on this sale so you can join up and take a trip down nostalgia lane with us :wink:

Worms: Clan Wars Tournament (outdated)

i haven’t played worms in years but have fond memories so i bought clan wars. :slight_smile: looking forward to play it with strats!


I am IN for a strats worms tourney!


Oh man, I love Worms…hmmmm…


@ohnokenzilla, just don’t say that one a first date :stuck_out_tongue:.


Oh man! I love the Worms games! Count me in for the clan, and maybe tourny!


I’m in