Would you buy a low-cost, streaming-only Xbox?


The next Xbox will come in 2 flavors, the cheaper version will be low-powered and have most of the game experience streamed to the device.

I actually think this is the future. As internet speeds increase along with video codecs that make images on the display look closer to native, I think we’ll see more of these “dummy” consoles and devices. There’s probably a point where streaming tech overtakes cost-per-gigabyte in storage–especially combined with cost of GPU/CPU hardware etc.


I don’t disagree, yet how long away in the future? I still wonder if your typical residential ISP will provides you with the QoS needed to make this experience glorious enough to go mainstream.


Absolutely agree.
I have tried some video game streaming services and it never feels as smooth as if the game is installed on the machine in question.

As he said, one day I’m sure this will be the norm. Just like Netflix and Hulu and the like have changed the way we watch video.


“As internet speeds increase”

Lol, I haven’t had an increase in 8 years. Not only that but now they want to charge me $50 extra for unlimited data which I already had for free until this year. Now I’m capped at 1TB/month.

So while not wanting to turn this political, unfortunately politics will affect the success of this. Lack of net neutrality will make this a nightmare for us as a consumer.


Ya… my internet is only 60down/10up and I wouldn’t trust it to be stable enough to give me a great experience. That aside, I’m paying out the nose for my unlimited bandwidth.


It’s already here. Check out GeForce NOW.


Shit, I’m going to try this.


Personally, I used a game streaming service (can’t remember the name) like 10 years ago when my computer was pure garbage and I had a very good experience with it. I’d imagine such a service could easily offer at least 1080p with very reasonable latency on single player games nowadays, at the very least.


See, this is where things get funny.
What is reasonable is pretty subjective.

The service I used have fairly minimal lag. No huge spikes or massive buffering times or anything.
But just little blips of input lag here and there, and it ruined the experience for me.


A game like Civ, Xcom, stuff like that would work really well.


The most memorable game I played on that was fear 2 iirc. It was fine.


PS Now, perfect example. That said, I’m with y’all. This is the future. I wonder how far out we are from pretty much everything being a dummy device as well.