WOW Addons in 2018?



I’ve been out for soooo long. What are the new WOW addons I should have for leveling?


Short answer: The leveling process is so streamlined, you don’t really “need” any leveling addons.

Long answer: Just get ElvUi.


I just got back into WoW after a year of not playing and use these addons:

  • Dominos (custom UI, more skill slots)
  • Pawn (gives a handy up arrow on gear that you get if it’s actually an upgrade or not)
  • Scrap (autosells trash items in your inventory and can auto repair gear when you talk to a merchant - behavior is very customization)
  • Deadly Boss Mod (DBM) - still seems to be the standard in dungeon/raid notifications.


Also I see we have a StratsCo guild on Thrall. Can I get an invite? cc @senNish


Can i do that from an app? Whats your bnet id @Vocino


ID is Vocino#1150. Not sure about the app.


I came back to WoW recently. I use Elvui, dbm, auctioneer, gatherer2, recount, and all the other oldschool apps


Elvui and Immersion.


Yeah I use TukUI - excellent quality add-ons