Wtb bf1 pc pst omgbbq



My friends list is empty. I’m looking for people who aren’t afraid of the Origin and purchased Battlefield 1 on PC.

Must be able to PTFO and also press Q to mark targets.

Origin - teh_ninjaneer


Hey add me… MigueraV


Need the game first you can add me to origin anyway i’ll be playing as soon i get it.

Origin ID: Tekkatron


Add me - Origin ID - Ausylon


Origin name trade
Add me - Wheatception


sorry @teh_ninjaneer, i ended up getting it on xbox one. i usually buy my bf games on pc, but i realized i’ve been neglecting my couch recently. i’ve been so wrapped up in wow lately, i wanted to get out of the office chair and relax a little bit more in the family room with a more casual experience. otherwise, i totes would’ve joined you. yes i’m a 40 year old man that just used the word “totes”.


@dontcallmejames you have upset me on so many levels.


I added you on XBL @dontcallmejames :pc:


Q … I finally found the key to mark stuff :smile:


Add me too, BF1 on PC