X-Plane as a reality tv show


I have always had a fascination with flight sims. I picked up X-Plane a couple of months ago. I also got a yoke and rudder peddles. I have not had a lot of time to play it yet, but I have heard about people playing a meta game with in the flight sim where you flight real-world missions and gain currency and equipment. Anyone out there have anymore insight into this?


@Ottomic might know something; this is all I know:


@Ottomic might know something; this is all I know:


Does @Droul use a CB radio when he plays Truck Simulator?


HAHAHAH…no i dont…but would be cool though!


You have two options:

  • Air hauler is a singleplayer economic simulation where you basically control all aspects from an air freight company. It’s payware, and it doesn’t have specific support for XP11. Haven’t personally tried it.

  • Fseconomy.net is a multiplayer economic simulation that supports pretty much every flight simulator out there. You can rent or buy planes and run missions, and although you can end up buying airport real estate and stuff it’s really about just doing jobs from point A to point B more than controlling a company or maximizing your profit.

I’d say it really depends on what kind of plane you want to be “maining”. FSE is built more with GA planes in mind, and anything above 20 passengers per trip is kind of hard to score (best regarded planes in FSE are the C208, PC12, Do228) so actual liners are not very efficient to own or fly. Air Hauler, being cargo focused, will probably favor the opposite.