X1 Destiny - New Guy


Hey everyone,
So I used to play a lot of H1/H2/H3/COD4/MW2 as they released. So I hadn’t played any video games in years until destiny came out. My roommate got it and let me play for about 30 minutes before i got off the couch and went to buy an X1.

I’ve played exclusively alone so far. I’m a 28 hunter. I bounce between the pve and pvp constantly. I like to think I’m pretty decent. I played a few of the above games semi competitively back in high school so a little of that carries over.

I’m down to play whatever, just excited to play with people for a change. I’m usually on during the week from 4-8 or so, not every day but at least a few times a week. Then randomly throughout the weekend.

my tag is ‘one n9ne’

Since I got the x1 just to play this and only play alone, i have no idea how friends lists/ messages/invites work so it might take me a minute or two to figure it out. I miss the 360’s format…

Anyways, thanks for reading. Sorry this is so long!



Welcome aboard! We’ve got a pretty solid XB1 crew doing all kinds of work in Destiny; I think you’ll find them accommodating and generally pleasant.

Let us know if you need anything :wink:


Welcome! Make sure to add everyone oh the xbone crew.


Hi 19 welcome to Strats! Hope you and the X1 Crew get some good work in on Destiny


thanks everyone! also nice to see a fellow O’s fan!


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