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Hey everyone,
So I used to play a lot of H1/H2/H3/COD4/MW2 as they released. So I hadn’t played any video games in years until destiny came out. My roommate got it and let me play for about 30 minutes before i got off the couch and went to buy an X1.

I’ve played exclusively alone so far. I’m a 28 hunter. I bounce between the pve and pvp constantly. I like to think I’m pretty decent. I played a few of the above games semi competitively back in high school so a little of that carries over.

I’m down to play whatever, just excited to play with people for a change. I’m usually on during the week from 4-8 or so, not every day but at least a few times a week. Then randomly throughout the weekend.

my tag is ‘one n9ne’

Since I got the x1 just to play this and only play alone, i have no idea how friends lists/ messages/invites work so it might take me a minute or two to figure it out. I miss the 360’s format…

Anyways, thanks for reading. Sorry this is so long!



Welcome aboard! We’ve got a pretty solid XB1 crew doing all kinds of work in Destiny; I think you’ll find them accommodating and generally pleasant.

Let us know if you need anything :wink:

Welcome! Make sure to add everyone oh the xbone crew.

Hi 19 welcome to Strats! Hope you and the X1 Crew get some good work in on Destiny

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thanks everyone! also nice to see a fellow O’s fan!

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