X1 Destiny player looking for friends

well this is my first post so I have no clue if this is the right place. i’m a pure voidwalker/warlock player that’s known as a scavenger and very melee based meaning sometimes I…might get punch crazy and hit a captain by accident. I just recently got a orange sniper and armor from the nine guy.At the moment i’m dead ghost hunting/gold chest hunting and failing XD. want to help and do the Vault with people and even more mostly just players to be silly and have fun with and maybe in time play other games with. ^^ so i’m looking for people I can play with on a regular basis and don’t mind my…sometimes overexcited antics.

example: Sword of Crota mission I…sometimes go nuts and say silly stupid stuff as I smash everything with the sword. Cant help that sword is…FUN! :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic. i’m in desperate need of Ascendant Shards and ascendent energy so might be doing lots of raids. also even if I get nothing out of it i’m still happy to help others get good stuff. ^^ other then when i’m in a oh crap i’m gonna die mood I can be quite friendly and sensible.if I know theres a ghost nearby i’ll point it out in case don’t have but forget were some are. ATM i’m hoping to get a group together for vault heh. new week and new chance to try and get vault of glass gun everyone has. ^^

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Welcome to Strats. @Espaceman has been looking for fellow XB1 players lately so I would recommend getting in touch with him on here.

heh i’m still trying to figure out how this place works and thanks i’ll message them once I figure out how.

If you will click his name @Espaceman it will give you the option to send a PM.

when I click it shows badges, a 3 more button then profile. when I click profile it shows topics but no PM button anywhere.

Just make a post in the Destiny category. You can’t send PMs as you’re brand new.

Here is a listing of our Xbox One Destiny players. Add their Gamertags to your friends list. Just remember to put that you are from Strats on the friend request so they know where you got their info.

will do and thank you that would of confused the heck out of me if no one explained that.

Thanks for looping me in guys. I’ll connect with Ronald.

@tommy2118 did you get an XB1? Or did you head over to the PS4 crowd?

@tommy2118 has an XB1 I believe. He’s part of the #PS4LIFE movement now though :smile:

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@Espaceman I have had an Xbox One for awhile. I bought a PS4 when I seen the tide flowing that way during the Destiny storm. Right now the Xbox serves as a voice controlled Netflix viewer. @Vocino is correct #PS4LIFE. :smirk:

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