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Alright guys, I have been talking about how I’m going to make videos and stream and create content all over this site. Well now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is!

Twitch TV

I just finished editing and rendering a video that will be up soon, and will be shared.

I’m excited! For once I feel extremely confident about something taht I’m putting out. Like i don’t have a problem that it’s connected to my name.
I’ve always had that problem. Making this video was so fun though, and looking forward to doing more.

Anyway, I’m going to try my best to update things here. I won’t post each video, but ill just make sure I say there is one.Thanks guys for bringing in some motivation, and thanks Invaderdoom as well. Cheers!




Do you have a streaming and/or video release schedule?


Id like to have a video on youtube out at least 3 time a week, or 2, depending on how well they do. I’m going to research what are the best times to upload to youtube as well. Would like to hit some primetimes.

Twitch streaming Im still figuring out a schedule for. I wnat to see what times are best for early hearthstone streamers. Now I’m not saying taht I’m going to be a hearthstone only stream. I’m one of thsoe people who believes you need to have a main game to go back to whenever there is nothing else out.


@xALRock: I just noticed you uploaded some ‘The Wolf Among Us’ on your YT Channel.

What did you think of the game? I was curious about it.


That’s awesome @xALRock! Glad to see you back in the game!


@simplyundrea I loved it! I didn’t continue posting videos cuz that was around the time I started losing motivation. Played it on my own time, and now I want more. so good.

@ThatDoomThough thanks man, i’m doing tons of research now, I am going to stay dedicated this time


Your part of the Strats family now buddy! We all will help you stay motivated and assist you wherever we can. Let me know if you ever need help with video resources like intros, video work, or music. I have tons of resources and some animation type experience.

And if you wanna collab sometime on something lemme know and we’ll get down on something!


well thanks invader, i appreciate all that.

will dif do a collab in the future.

but yea, ill let you know!


So now I understanding the need for strats profiles where people can post their videos cuz this current post is basically a glorified bump.

anyways, finally got a video up. Yes, it’s hearthstone.i was trying to target a specific audience with this

people love watching hearthstone matches, they like to follow along and determine what to do next, even when it’s not them playing. however, i thought it to be fun and engaging if I just showed them the plays and gave them the opportunity to figure out “what just happened” as opposed to “what’s going to happen.”

lemme know what you guys think. Any criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!


Post the link in here so we can watch it. That way we don’t have to search for it or open other browser Windows :wink:


that actually makes sense, thanks


Finally got the chance to watch the video. Nice job dude! I love how you were just like “I can just hero power him to death” randomly when I wasn’t really prepared for it lmao


thanks man. I wanted to add some reactions in the video since most of them tend to be legit, and in a game like this one, your bound have a few.

Appreciate the watch tho. I’m gonig to try differnet things out, and hope for the best.


The most fun Hearthstone videos I watch are the ones where people narrate the whole fight, verbally try and predict what’s doing to happen and why they are playing the cards they are playing.

I usually don’t watch hearthstone videos for the gameplay, I watch them for the deck, and the strategies.


alright, Ill take that idea into consideration. The more I play and practice, the more I can effectively narrate matches. Would be good.

thanks for the tip invader


No problem @xALRock! Always willing to give some pointers!


This actually made me laugh, so thought id make a video and share.

I’m still working on ideas for videos.
I thought about making it real, like putting my face to it. I’m just having difficulty on what to put a face to.
I thought about vlogs, but nothing in my life is exciting enough to share, and it’s not like I’m teaching people anything.
Still in thought process, and still playing some games.
I guess it just takes time.


Finding your niche is something that definitely takes time.

Once you experiment with different things you’ll find something that you feel comfortable with.