XB1 and PC Star Wars Battlefront clans?


We’ll have to get an XB1 and PC one going too. I am not even sure which platform I will be getting.

[Star Wars: Battlefront] STCO Clan: Strats (PS4)
[Star Wars: Battlefront] STCO Clan: Strats (PS4)

Most likely PC for me.


I am leaning towards PC, but I have a couple buddies on Xbox that are getting too…pending no horrible reviews.


PC Masterrace for life!


I have both, but I’ve been sticking mostly with PC lately.


Oof…I forgot about Origin on PC…that has to be added to my equation.


I really don’t get all this Origin hate. Its been explained to me thanks to @Auth I just don’t get it.


People who just can’t let things go.


I guess I’d much rather have a game on a platform where i have most of my friends…aka steam or xbox live.


Im not letting go either…EA admitted that Orgin uses spyware. I dont know about you but i dont want anyone tracking or watching exactly what i do on my pc. They even admitted they did it when the program wasnt even running…so yeah…Orgin will never touch this system


Im going to be on my PC no matter what. I dont own a PS4 or XB1 right now, though I have had thoughts of picking up a PS4.


Do it for the exclusives!


I don’t know who has been using my computer to look at My Little Pony sites, but I don’t want Origin thinking it is me…

What do you folks think of this game? I was so hyped for it, but the buzz has not been favorable. No campaign mode, good luck getting a team match to put you in the same team, etc. Angry Joe really went off on it. Now that Gamestop has it at $40, I might get it anyway, but want to see what people think first.