[XB1] VOG Normal or Hard run tonight 11/10

Hey guys. I didn’t get to do the raid this week so this is my last minute effort. If you want in, just drop your gamer tag below and I’ll add you. Start time is flexible (I’m in central time)

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Added the XB1 and Destiny flair for ya. I’m PS4 so I can’t help ya.

Hope you find a group. GL!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Man I missed this! Are you guys still doing anything tonight?

Sorry I couldn’t get anyone on here to go. I don’t really have many friends online that will/can raid.

Ya, unfortunately the Destiny XB1 presence on the forums appear to be a bit lacking. Shame you couldn’t get anything going, but hopefully between you two, you can find some others.

@Feenix342 what’s your gamertag? I’ll add you to my friends list.

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