Xbox 360 Controller

Not sure if this belongs here, but here I goes anyways…

Does anyone have experience using Xpadder? I know I should appreciate keyboard and mouse controls but I just don’t. There are currently four games that I am playing that only support K&M, Fable and the Mass Effect Trilogy. I’ve done some research on the matter and found Xpadder. What I want to know, is Xpadder a good program and are there any better ones out there?

I’ve used Xpadder with a Logitech gamepad. It’s got a fairly unimpressive but functional and intuitive UI that gave me no issues. If you’re hard up for controller support (at the time I’d broken my left hand and couldn’t play Minecraft) it’s a viable option and the best I found while poking about the net :wink:


Agreed about Xpadder. If the game doesn’t support gamepads natively then I stick with keyboard. However, it is the software that I always see mentioned by others so it is likely the best option.

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Well, it works. A little buggy, but nothing game breaking. I wish Steam would add something like Xpadder into the Steam Big Picture.

Thank you @Auth and @teh_ninjaneer for your speedy responses.